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  1. My husband and I often YouTube 90’s Rage playlists to score our Sunday brunch.

  2. The Barron will be slick so there’s less surface tension on the paper, the muller will be etched which helps coat each pigment particle with binder. Get the right tool for the job, go the muller

  3. Franki (Frankenstein) and Winnie, but usually called by their nicknames Chonky and The Bean

  4. At the end of the day it’s your choice, tough choice, but still yours. My husband and I decided a few years ago not to have kids, even though we’d been really excited to and had started planning a family before we were even married. Climate change is the biggest reason we decided not to have kids, followed closely by the insane cost of living, the freedom being childless provides and the general feeling that the world is a horrible fucking place and seemingly only getting worse. I’m copping a lot of flack from my mother in law who REALLY wants a grand child, but if she wants a baby that bad she should adopt one! (All this said, if the climate crisis and world in general suddenly improve in the next few years I’d seriously consider it)

  5. Best: The overwhelming sense of pride I get from starting my very own store. The autonomy of running the business the way I believe is best. The community that has formed around my business and the wonderful new friends I’ve made.

  6. Oh the cooker rationale “he’s a dictator, sack him and lock him up” These bastards have no sense of irony.

  7. I worked at a Video Ezy when I was 19 and made a really good friend working there. That was 18 years ago- we’re married now.

  8. I call them tracky dacks or if I'm being slack... trackies.

  9. Pay your staff properly or do it yourself until you can afford staff.

  10. Never even heard of this store before! Thank you I’ll check it out. :)

  11. Second Jonny Biggs, everything from good quality basics to suits. It’s been a game changer for my husband- he actually likes shopping now.

  12. Between the gambling ads and the ads for what ever dumb bitch wants a root show is coming soon, free to air is unwatchable.

  13. Not a lawyer, but was severely bullied at school. The school did nothing. Ever. Have the bully charged with assault.

  14. Oh man, you just made me realise how poor we were! Flicking through the images I remembered the toys and who I played with them with and then it dawned on me- I had none of these things, but my friends all did.

  15. what's the stereotype, i feel like i havent heard of this

  16. I don’t know if it’s a thing or not, but I’ve found women who wear purple are the super-passive-aggressive faux new age hippie nut jobs

  17. My Nan had 2 cat figures that I was terrified of, I’d turn them around so the eyes wouldn’t follow me. She always joked she leave them to me and I told her not to. When she died she left them to my cousin and I was kind of heart broken. I scoured second hand stores and found a set of them. They’re on our sideboard and I think of her every time I look at them. (I’m still a little spooked by them though)

  18. I imagine suffocating him while he sleeps, I follow the fantasy all the way through him not snoring (because he dead) and me getting a full peaceful night sleep and then I imagine waking in the morning and realising that I now have to live a long life without my favourite person. No more silly jokes and laughs, no more shared meals, board games, nice walks. Nothing but me and my bullshit and having to take the bins out, probably in the rain. Then I’m so glad I have him in my life because I love him and feel so loved in return and then snoring doesn’t bother me anymore…

  19. Cats need to be contained in their owners yard so they don’t hunt local wildlife, fight with other cats or end up as road kill. Why do people let their cats just roam the streets?!

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