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Faker vs Jensen

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  1. It looks kinda like the protective film is still on it? Maybe it’s just the picture

  2. Nope, it isn’t the protective film. I checked just to be sure. I’ll check again tomorrow to be really sure…

  3. Just a thought cause if you look near the edges, it kind of looks like there’s something overhanging. Hopefully this is all that it is.

  4. It’s possible they may have to make it look like people are selling DRS. There was a decrease by 4% of total shares held by institutions a few weeks back which would equal approx 16mill shares. 71m+16m= 87m would be close to the 92m shares DRSd predicted.

  5. First time lurker, long time commenter. You did the thing! Woo hoo!

  6. Mainly just a lurker here. Use to comment but been zen for awhile now

  7. October 8, 2020. I swear no one reads anything before posting these things

  8. Apparently you don’t read anything. Jensen’s tweet is dated that but Travis’ is 13 min ago. Meaning 13m before this screenshot was when Travis’ retweeted

  9. TBH, I’m fine with a salty run back. Minus Sven if he really wants to move on and play as an AD again. Wouldn’t mind CoreJJ.

  10. I wouldn’t even call it a salty run back. The team didn’t even have a full split together and still dominated lcs playoffs and crushed fanatic in their 2nd game while looking semi competitive in the rest of their worlds games.

  11. Although the first two wins for Jensen aren’t in this. The video is hilarious xD

  12. I really like borrowing from the LCK format. 2 BO3s a night. Have every team play 1 BO3 a week rather than two BO1s a weekend. Structure the point system so that you don't need to outright win the BO3 for any credit (2-0 = 3 points, 2-1 = 2 points, 1-2 = 1 point, 0-2 = 0 points).

  13. This is what I’m hoping for. Pros have talked before about how the lcs format of BO1s is a large part of why NA is falling behind. While there are still a bunch of other factors, this would be a step in the right direction.

  14. Bruh Fudge is a total asshole. He's so cocky because he has his ego fed by one of the biggest league streamers around.

  15. Kinda agreeing right now. At first it just looked like confidence because they won the lcs so easy but he is getting hard gapped right now and making every game so hard for the rest of C9.

  16. Classic fudge ego pick, single handedly throwing the entire worlds run, very cool

  17. Agreed, he’s been gapped every game with a “winning” matchup ffs

  18. Also Upset potentially if FNC make it out of play-ins. Those 4 ADC’s in the same group would possibly be the most stacked world’s group botlane ever if everyone is on form.

  19. Fuck off with this you pleb. You would leave a video game tourney too if your wife was being abused.

  20. Oh look. Upset has Covid and might miss play ins. What a surprise

  21. Apparently you care atleast a little bit if you watched it

  22. I mean...did you watch it? It's literally one of (imo) the most hype lines in the video

  23. Ohhh I think everyone was taking your comment as trolling.

  24. wait was it the groups tiebreaker or something? pretty sure it was a deciding game :-D

  25. The one I found was worlds 2018 g2 vs afreeca

  26. Stubhub. Ticketmaster came up with nothing, so I really was nervous thinking I was screwed but I started checking other sites and Stubhub has a lot for most days. All are marked up, scummy resellers hate giving them money but some aren't too bad, while some of the quarters days people are trying to charge like 500 a ticket already...

  27. Yea they’re scummy and riot should prevent this from happening. I’d just like to watch some worlds in person! As much as I’d love to see C9 live, quarterfinals would be dope too no matter the matchup! Time to make a decision lol

  28. In fairness Riot did do presale for people who registered a day early. They had a QR code on stream and then you got a text with a code to punch in to buy a day before. I don’t know how many people knew but they did try to do it for people watching playoffs and give them a chance without promoting to possible scalpers

  29. I unfortunately did not see that. They can literally sell the tickets through their site and limit tickets per customer

  30. The one in new Oceans Ate Alaska song "Plague Speech" had floored on first listen

  31. It wasn’t an experiment. They just thought they had a strategy that would beat it (the sion, which no one else is playing). They were wrong, and as such it went back to bans

  32. They thought they had a strategy is pretty damn close to the same thing as experimenting.

  33. He’s right. I was gonna write something similar.

  34. I don’t think it’s a crazy take at all.

  35. It sells for $93+ shipping on their website

  36. Thanks for posting this! I’m stuck in a similar spot. Have to wait for my ritual cooldown so it may take awhile.

  37. Probably just needs some lube and maybe even cleaned before hand.

  38. There’s a little pivot arm that can get dirty and dry.

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