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  1. It's not the only way. Case in point, we don't have that arrangement to fund undergraduate degrees in the UK.

  2. How can it cost to be bankrupt? Who’s pocket is this £680 going into?

  3. Okay off topic but is "chaise" an actual word in English? I know it's the French word for "chair" but why not just call it chair then if it's a chair.

  4. I think chaise is a subset of chair. When english borrows a loan word it can take on a diffrent meaning than it did in the original language (although in some cases it will be people misusing it to sound fancy).

  5. I don't know what's going on so I'm currently on hold to them to try and get to the bottom of it.

  6. I think you should be looking at a 20-30% increase on normal. That jump from 161 to 500 is an error on your part or theirs. Real figure should probably be around £200 ish

  7. me too. if we want to reduce plastic use, why push that responsibility onto the consumer. I guarantee I am not causing even 1% of the pollution of tesco

  8. I mean by that math, as long as tesco has more than a 100 customers then its a good strategy

  9. OT but related: I am now being charged a convenience fee for paying my water bill in anything but cash. Being charged to PAY a bill?!

  10. Pay them in the smallest coins you have

  11. Isn't "verifying" people through the means of voice and facial recognition going to go out the window the instant AI can successfully mimic them? On top of the data breaches that other people mention that would leak the information outright. I think that no matter what we do if its in a digital space that in the near future we will be very vulnerable. Probably to the point we have to start doing things in person again.

  12. This is kinda like saying physical locks go out the window the day lockpicks were invented

  13. Probably eye waveringly high. And that'll just be the cost of the Freddo.

  14. Could you give an example of how eye wavering works?

  15. Endcliffe Park on't Redd'it? Gi'or!!!

  16. for anyone else confused by this: completely ignore the 3x3 grid it has fuck all to do with anything

  17. Doesn't that make it more confusing? That juxtaposition could easily imply multiplication of those numbers?

  18. from the way you phrased the question it seems you know not to multiply them, so no i dont think it confused you?

  19. On our side, yes, there may even already be a fix out there (I'm not aware), but I'm pretty sure this is either due to Asobo laziness or a fault in how their map data is saved, because it seems like crosschecking roads passing through water or buildings with or without a corresponding bridge wouldn't be rocket science...

  20. a bunch of non-programmers downvoting you probably. Yes it would be pretty easy to check if the thing its on is water or a vertical surface, and that would get rid of some of the more noticeable cases

  21. I apologise. I saw the joke and went for it. I now realise I am the joke.

  22. if you think about it, to become a career criminal you have to repeatedly get caught, otherwise you're just some unknown guy. so yeah career criminals are probably going to have done a lot of dumb stuff.

  23. would you? Wouldn't a good career criminal never have an encounter with the police?

  24. if you've never encountered the police then you are not going to be called a career criminal. In the context of someone talking to the police and being called a "career criminal" its somewhat infers that their crimes are known - i.e. they got caught a lot.

  25. A person shooting guns deserves to have his thumb mangled for life? Why?

  26. its better that he shot himself and (hopefully) stopped treating guns as toys, before he hurt anyone else

  27. Handsome but cunty. That was my first thought until I recognised Andy Murray

  28. at which point you dropped the "handsome"?

  29. Unfortunate that revolutions in that part of the world usually end up with even worth governments

  30. interested exactly what this is based on, without googling could you perhaps name some of the regime changes that you disliked in "that part of the world"?

  31. Obviously. But at least here in the UK, you are not permitted for example to block someone's car in for parking in your driveway without permission, annoying as it may be.

  32. however you are allowed to stick a sign up saying "overnight parking £1000". clamp their car if they dont pay

  33. A good rule of thumb: Don't fuck with other people, or their shit. Even if they are terrible people, it's not worth going to jail over. And if you have to ask "is this illegal?" before enacting petty revenge, then it's probably not a good idea.

  34. the brick one may be illegal, depending on the size and type of the brick

  35. Your source is 400 years out of date

  36. I always feel like if you have to ask money for anything, you better not tell people that you've bought (or gotten) a single thing for at least a month. Don't say you got new shoes, don't mention you ordered takeout, nothing. People will turn it back on you in an instant.

  37. Stop asking people for money and then getting annoyed when they 'turn it back on you'

  38. She has chronic neck and back pain and seizures.....

  39. >I don't know what sort of "medical" work you do when you don't understand what chronic pain means.

  40. I have chronic joint pain in all of my joints but I still work 5-6 days a week. You gotta do what you gotta do to get a paycheck. Sometimes all my joints go at the same time, but I keep working until I can’t anymore. And if certain joints are too bad, I’ll call in or try to work through it.

  41. I'm sorry to hear that, good on you for doing what you can

  42. I admire the inclusiveness of the last point

  43. nah, thats just the trick-shot-urinal

  44. if i accept this and provide a slice of toast for breakfast lunch and dinner, have i fulfilled the contract? i also feel there is some room for interpretation in the words "clean" and "folded"

  45. Yes it is Reddit. Words and actions have reactions though, and I find it a shame that I upset him.

  46. I probably misunderstood your original comment. But I think the advice twotrainss is giving you is good, it's probably healthy to give less of a fuck about what strangers say

  47. Big charles with the lads cracking out the tunes

  48. yeah but who the fuck taps both their feet at once?

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