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  1. Before work: iced triple blonde espresso with 4 pumps of sugar free vanilla and with a splash of heavy cream in a grande cup.

  2. Doesn’t she see that’s a big health code violation?? That’s really bad if she can’t. I’m glad you threw all those stuff out. But that just sucks how you were getting punished just to throw expired stuff away. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Hoping your coworkers leave that place.

  3. Mmm garlic syrup is the best. 😋It just adds more flavor.

  4. Right?? And yeah, I feel like my SM didn’t want to deal with him and just rung him the .60 cents, but I just feel bad to any Starbucks he goes to since we would ring him up that way. And he’ll be all like “No I went to a Starbucks and I had to pay 0.60 cents for this drink.” 😓

  5. I 100% agree. He really does need to be fired. And it’s crazy to know which store he is from too. He keeps those stickers shown in his videos.

  6. I’m sorry you had to go through that. 😢😢 I hope your days get better. You’re just doing you’re job and these people are stupid.

  7. There’s Biolife too. My friend donates from there and she likes it. I believe it’s $100 for the first 4 visits, but there’s other places as well.

  8. I would never split the drinks for them. Just give them their drink and empty cups with lids and that’s it.

  9. That’s weird. I saw the recipe card and it’s just lemonade. No water.

  10. When it first became a real drink, there wasn’t water. Then they updated it to include water, with very little communication that it had been updated.

  11. Oooh that makes sense. I probably looked at the outdated one. Thank you!

  12. Basically, if there’s a problem with how much sweet cream you want, you can ask for some sweet cream on the side.

  13. Our SM was really upset at us for our customer connection being so low. It was 50 a week ago and then it went all the way down to 35. They were really upset and pushing us to talk to them, when I can clearly tell they just want their drinks. I tried to talk to this one customer and they would just give out short answers. That just tells me they don’t want to talk and if I just stand there at the window not talking, my SM would immediately be upset and confront me about it. I’m trying to make them comfortable and not trying to be a nosy, corporate robot.

  14. Yeah I get you on this. I worked at a license store almost a year and I had to quit due to me and my family moving across the country. I went to a Starbucks and I was thinking to myself how I loved/hated this place, but miss it a lot because of all the people I worked with were great. And I ended up applying and got the job and met more great people.

  15. The Chai creme frap actually has classic in it and I forget it every time.

  16. Omg this I didn’t know. I looked at the recipe just now and I didn’t know this. Thank you for telling!

  17. Ikr?? Yeah and Vans too. You got to and you should be able to login. And that’s how you get your discounts.

  18. I got yelled at the window for not customer connecting by my SM, the customer spoke only Spanish at the window and I don’t speak Spanish. They even spoke Spanish at the speaker to one of my coworkers who knew how to speak it. And as I told my SM that they spoke Spanish, they kept complaining about our numbers and how we don’t customer connect. Like really… I’ve talked to other customers before them. It’s just annoying. Good thing I’m leaving soon.

  19. We had ours last week and they told us to never double batch even for 2 talls.

  20. I hate when this happens. I made a perfect cappuccino to a customer and even my coworkers said it was perfect and the customer goes “this has too much foam”. 😑

  21. You can tell them that you’re very uncomfortable to write that. I’ve heard stories from my coworkers about weird/uncomfortable stuff to be written on customer’s cups and my coworkers would tell them no because of how uncomfortable that is. Heck, the customer can write it themselves.

  22. Had someone ask their Grande nitro cold brew to be blended and they said they do it all the time with no ice added. Really interesting, but yeah idk. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. Queue shots (1/2/3), pump cinnamon dolce syrup (3/4/6), pour 2% to the top line, add ice, add whip on top and the cinnamon dolce toppings.

  24. “Can I get a Venti iced white mocha…”

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