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Chapter 166 [English]

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Chapter 163 [English]

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  1. Seems like someone doesn't understand this business (insider term).

  2. Unironically what peeps have worked themselves into believing

  3. A little worried on the CG but if it can look like dragon ball superheroes maybe I’ll change my mind

  4. Studio Orange did the animation for Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous and Beastars, they're the best 3D animation studio in anime.

  5. Put Keith Lee and Slowmoa Blown in a match together and it'll look like they're wrestling under water

  6. Seems like a lot of kickstarter games are just derivative versions of games people already like.

  7. Well tbf, not like any more of the games people already like will be made by the original devs (cough Nintendo cough) or made available on newer hardware (stares in NSO) lol

  8. Fortunately, this particular developer has already put out a successful Anton game called Antonball (Deluxe & Classic). So it's not like they're unproven jabronis who don't know what they're doing with this.

  9. But it was actually a little girl named Riho that was the first champ. /s

  10. Well you have a main event where there are two tag teams in a 6 pack challenge for the title. In such tag small division that's dumb for a start.

  11. This, though I shouldn't be surprised at the peeps here taking the piss out of em and siding with the big brass lol

  12. something about her and bayley laying on the floor crying because they were gonna lose or had lost.

  13. Was a report by Ryan Satin that she acknowledged as fake in her WWE Chronicle episode (Bayley's also said that's false too)

  14. Wasn’t there that report that her and Bayley were crying on the floor after elimination chamber or something?

  15. That was an untrue report by Ryan Satin (who funnily enough is now hired by the WWE)

  16. Haven't dealt with Law Enf, but make a alt account for reporting. Join the servers, report as much as you want, then leave the server.

  17. Hm, I've been trying to do so, but really? I had low expectations of them being able to snatch people who'd already left those hellholes compared to those still hanging around in them (who've hopefully been nuked along with the servers), but that's both somewhat better than I expected & also disappointing in that my reporting account won't survive

  18. He wrestled before NXT, and was in the Black & Gold NXT (where he also nearly fucked up Johnny Gargano's head off an irish whip rebound powerslam)

  19. The women’s division was a huge reason NXT before its super Indy era was (IMO) one of the best wrestling shows ever produced. It was so good that they were able to completely redefine & revolutionize western women’s wrestling in around 2 years. 2.0’s women’s division is starting to remind me of that.

  20. All HHH had to do was do what the WWF used to do, & what joshi promotions have been doing for many years now: just book em like the men

  21. Who knows if HHH will actually succeed Vince when all is said and done, I honestly don’t give a fuck about the succession drama for a billion dollar company, but if he does, the one thing I can guarantee you is that the women would have their time. HHH always had that. The women’s division is what got me to watch NXT and it’s what made it my favorite wrestling show. It’s about effort, it’s about time, it’s about clearly giving a fuck. From day one you could tell AEW didn’t have that, and it’s why I never latched onto it when the “Wednesday Night Wars” happened. I’ll die on the hill that the people who immediately went running to AEW and never looked back at NXT never gave a fuck about women’s wrestling

  22. And he obv passed that mentality onto HBK, even if the horniness/sensuality has been upped

  23. Omg thank you. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills around here, like, it's fine guys it's not like the webcomic was some holy text that was promised to salve your souls lol

  24. I mean, no one is making you consume anything. You can just read the wc and be happy with that story. Not sure why everyone feels like they are owed something over someone else's art choices

  25. Really telling that none of this sentiment popped up when the manga was following the WC more closely & any expansions/new content were primarily in service of that or being mostly standalone, till recently with the divergences in story/characterisation being way more drastic/wack lmao

  26. Geez, no wonder this comment ghetto was created. In the thread for the new chapter, those of us who prefer the pace and tone of the original webcomic are getting absolutely dumped on. If the manga enjoyers were more secure, maybe they'd just stick to identifying what's good about it instead of constantly bringing up and insulting dissenters.

  27. how long they plan to contain the critiques? Untill the ark finished? I doubt it

  28. I'd say so but the changes will likely spillover to Neo Heroes Saga, tho not as much ppl care about/are as passionate for that beyond Psychic Sisters (mostly due to ONE also being pretty lax on working on it)

  29. So they have Cody, fat Jericho, drunk Mox…

  30. smh you fed shill the evil fed drove Mox to drink, his uncontrolled drinking problems obv started there

  31. Ezekiel, Raw has gotten good crowds/resonating programs while SmackDown crowds (like the one last Friday) have been shite

  32. (I promise there's a jerk here I just don't know how aware the goofs are of the reference)

  33. I think that speaks more of the ability Triple H has at making a guy that ain't that impressive to begin with, look like a legit star because he played to the strenghts of the guy and knew how to present him. TK thinks overexposure is a good thing and now everyone that liked Cole at the beginning, are beginning to realize how unimpressive he could be in big doses. Look at Sammy fuckboy, he's being shoved down everyone's throats and everyone is actively rooting against him now too.

  34. He kept pushing Sammy as some face workhorse which worked for a bit but started seeing diminishing returns from just going against his natural douchey energy despite how personable/relatable (in the influencer kind of way) he came across in his vlogs with his friends), especially after the breakup/hookup

  35. It's a lil of A and a lil of B. Khan's booking is trash, but Cole wouldn't be overexposed if he was willing to change things up a lil bit. And I'm not talking some major overhaul, just some character progression.

  36. The mf has not changed how he wrestles or his act since 2015 or 2016 up till now in 2022

  37. She's aight-ish, though it's not esp much of a comparison between her match with Tay & then her match with Shafir lol (neither being much of ring generals)

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