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  1. Well, its good he's taking a stand now before things got out of hand!

  2. Among the most egregious war crimes, I'd include using civilians as shields and the execution of POWs.

  3. Also add in the fake surrenders. Those are war crimes.

  4. Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on us! We’re on to you!

  5. Sounds like someone hasn’t learned it’s not what you know it’s who you know. If a young person reads this word of advice. The important part of college is building a network of good people that can help propel each other. Lots of people can code but who do you know that can get you in the door? One might even say, the real MONEY is the friends you made along the way.

  6. "Other people win't take me seriously because of my age". No, they aren't taking you serious, because you're refering to your little sister as your daughter.

  7. As someone who was orphaned and was raised by a 'legal guardian' your post is a little dismissive. You don't know what their relationship is. I definitely consider my guardians to have been my parents.

  8. I remember seeing an XCOM campaign that lasted two turns cause a soldier panicked and grenaded his squad on a rooftop in gatecrasher

  9. So now we're doing straight up ads in this forum?

  10. And conservatives like Tucker Carlson want to marry the Green M&M

  11. A lot of the Arthur Andersen documents were destroyed at the Iron Mountain in Westborough, MA.

  12. I think you missed Marie Curie sitting in the front row.

  13. How is Tali from Mass Effect not up at the top?

  14. Could be that they, as a species, practice mass egg destruction to keep their population to a number that works for them.

  15. It wouldn't piss me off some much if it was so... high schooly.

  16. I've agreed with everything you've said until the 'no crushes' part. Man, I get crushes on fictional characters and I'm old.

  17. What I found interesting is they all wanted to know how the others did at the end. Shows a lot about their mindset.

  18. I, uh, misread this the first time due to the shape of the capital As.

  19. Try to stick with the crowd so no one notices how crummy you look.

  20. I see the Chinese also shake hands with danger.

  21. By not doing that! I have a different schedule every day. Wednesdays I go out with 'the guys', Saturday coaching youth sports, etc.

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