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  1. Do you have a particular vendor you tend to go for? Or is it just any deal you find?

  2. I just search both the taxidermy category and the word taxidermy. Sort by newest and sometimes people will list it pretty low not knowing the true value.

  3. Oh ok, thank you! I already found a fox pelt for 20 dollars :))

  4. It'll rot off. Try to forget about the bucket for a month, then check it. Yes it will be very gross. I did this for a possum with even mummified flesh and it came off fine. Don't change out the water, the grosser the better.

  5. Can I ask why you are doing 20% water changes and what happened to cause his fins to look like that?

  6. I have no clue why they started splitting. There's no sharp objects or anything.

  7. Ok. Yes it does look like it could be fin rot to me. Just to confirm you do have a heater and it’s around 78-80 deg?

  8. It started when I was doing weekly water changes. I posted parameters in my comment. Yeah, it's like 80 degrees.

  9. Pretty! It looks like someone tried to paint the skull but it chipped off. I'd just chip the last of it off and wipe the skullcap and horns off if its dirty/dusty. Getting it a bit wet is fine as long as its not for a long period of time so the horns don't rot.

  10. I guess they haven't seen the aftermath of raw-feeding. Kibble that has been trial tested is 500% safer than any boutique grain-free food or raw food.

  11. Do not use a shock collar - it will create the fear that seeing strange dogs = pain. It can also cause aggression problems. There are a ton of resources on this reddit to solve this positively.

  12. There's no need to alter Ph, your betta will adjust. Messing with it is worse as it will fluctuate. What you want to pay attention to more are your ammonia, nitrites, and nitrate.

  13. Ooooh I see. Those parameters are at 0, which I believe it’s a good thing, right?

  14. Is everything 0? If so that's not good. Did you "cycle" your tank before getting your fish?

  15. I just feed until his belly is nice and round, but not extremely bloated looking. Every betta is different, and if you want your fish to be thicker looking you can slowly increase their feeding (their stomachs stretch over time like ours)

  16. There was a similar design found on a rug from siberia, 400-300 BCE. Crazy to think where the design first originated from.

  17. This is what i said to him, what if she bites any other human, especially kids, she has to be put down. All i heard was she is good dog, she will be alright, she won't do it. He told me the reason she bites me is that she treats me as a friend not the leader and i let her do that as i back off every time out of fear. He might be right and if i change my acting while she does it she will learn she can't behave like this but what if comes to other people. She might let herslef to do it one day..

  18. Unfortunately this trainer sounds very inexperienced and doesn't understand dog behavior at all. She's not biting because you're not being the 'leader', dog's don't think like that. The idea of us needing to be 'alphas' or 'pack leaders' to our dogs is very outdated information. Please find a different trainer that can help you understand your dog better and why they've become aggressive. "Force free" and "Positive" are words you're looking for.

  19. Oh sorry, I misread. Your partner is wrong and that's not why she's acting that way.

  20. Dogs can develop phobias even as adults. Has it been storming, any fireworks? If not, you might need to get a check up at the vet to rule out anything medical.

  21. No boot camps (trainers who take your dog for a week) or people that claim they can fix your dog in a day. No aversives or punishment. If you hear the word "alpha" or "pack leader", run.

  22. If your betta has poor fins pH isn't the issue. Get a freshwater test kit and test for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. If either ammonia or nitrITE are above zero, that's the issue. Some nitrate is ok.

  23. The #1 thing before anything else is making sure his water quality is ok. The foggy water is a bad sign, but hopefully it clears up and your nitrogen cycle didn't crash from the filter being turned off. You'll want one of these to test your water.

  24. The ibex resembles the Tattoo found on Atlai Princess/Siberian Ice Maiden mummy.

  25. Since you didn't keep your old filter media you're going to need to do a fish-in cycle. 99% of the good bacteria resides in the filter, not on your gravel or decor.

  26. I still have the old one; I can pop the old cartridge in the filter! Thanks for the information!

  27. That's great! Remember to never throw the old filter media away, if it gets gross just swish it in old tank water to remove particles. If you do end up having to change it because it's falling apart, stick another cartridge next to it (in the filter) for a month or 2 and let the bacteria transfer on it.

  28. Instead of this finale feeling like a ton of plot threads tying together and falling into place after building, it just felt like another lackluster episode. At least in Canada, I don't feel like characters grew anymore, things just happened at them.

  29. Once again Moira's only role in this episode was to play babysitter. She doesn't even have dialogue with June anymore!

  30. Unfortunately it's because they ran out of book, and it shows.

  31. Technically they ran out of book after season 1! Yet seasons 2 and 3 kept killing it with the monologues! So the show writers were good… Idk what changed!

  32. Funny you say that because I just finished the book today and it's crazy how much they came up with on their own, but it still kept the same feel. I have no idea why this season is just bad.

  33. Ph isn't usually an issue, they can adjust to it. I have a high ph and my fish adjusted fine.

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