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  1. I’m gonna predict it’s just going to (hopefully) be just for skins.

  2. Then what was the... FUCKING POINT of removing them...

  3. My exact thoughts on this, if they're bringing back boxes then it'll make it gambling all over again and chances are it'll ruin the game like gears did

  4. Honestly, you did have the right to win that match because that Leon giving you a thumbs down and spinning was toxic enough for that Leon to earn a defeat that you gave to him

  5. How to kill people in this game (asking for research purposes 👀)

  6. I will definitely buy Ranboo, Slimecicle and Frank if they do a set like this, well done

  7. Medic and Byron would be best friends given their personalities and similarities with the two, nice work

  8. Plants VS Zombies, but also TF2 because why not, even though it'll probably never happen

  9. They said in the Brawl Talk of S11 that BP skins will return within a year, from S11 and onwards only, S1-10 won't return because they're exclusive skins

  10. what do you mean by bad terms? do the VAs have beef with BS?

  11. As far as I know, not yet or not really, it's only a guess or thought for why Squad Busters didn't want to reuse voice lines of brawlers from BS be used for Squad Busters like COC, Hayday and Boom Beach characters did in the first beta test of the game, but usually if a VA has a dispute with a company they'll refuse to do voice acting again for that said company that they worked with

  12. Honestly, that’s probably not the case. The voice actors don’t really speak bitterly about Supercell in interviews, and some do come back to voice new brawlers (i.e., Shelly, Emz, Jacky). A few even do the voices for fans and content creators. If I had to guess, it’s probably just a hassle for Supercell to get previous voice actors back. Doesn’t make much sense considering what I just said, but that’s the best I could come up with.

  13. The characters with the hats, haircuts with the tomato wearing Frank's headphones and the slug like character with Jacky's helmet and with SC being Pizza man 100% match the meme here and make this more funnier than it is, well done

  14. It's the Pizza Tower scream meme where six characters from the game scream with distorted/ scratch like noise at something scary, messed up or anything like that to represent them screaming in fear/ panic

  15. Glad to see Techno's dad continue his legacy, this shows how much he cares for Technoblade alot even after he passed away

  16. A Fender Mustang or Marshall can work, especially an Orange, there's some good budget friendly models to use

  17. I saw that, along with the other older games being deleted while the newer ones stayed

  18. No it’s totally fine, I would love a beghouled themed pvz game. The minigame Zombiqarium is based on PopCaps previous game “Insaniquarium” In the achievements tab of pvz 1 you can scroll down to see cameos of all of popcaps other game

  19. I mean, they need to make the money somehow, even Rovio did that with Angry Birds, it feels like a complete unoriginal and simple idea to try and make some easy fast money when in reality it doesn't work that way, even Popcap should know that, yet still go that route anyways

  20. I don’t think Popcap is going to last very long anymore if they actually go through with this

  21. Honestly they started to go downhill after BFN, there was no point in playing BFN that nuch at all other than for the new characters, but that's it, even PVZ 3 was starting to look good only for it to later go the route of Homescapes/ gardenscapes in a recent build of the game and now they go with the match 3 gere that many of us don't like because it's used too much and many game companies just use it as a way to make money for a video game franchise/series

  22. It's a new game being made by Supercell, it's in beta testing in select countries right now, if they continue with working on the game well then it can be released globally like with BS

  23. I can 100% see this happen when Gus sees and meets Spike, he would definitely love to help out Spike in a situation like this, good job with the animation

  24. I bought the same amp last year and love it. I'm a bass player but wanted to relearn guitar. I think it has great tone and is louder than you would expect. Enjoy!

  25. You picked a good one. The LT 25 is a great value for the money, and is the first solid state amp I recommend to beginners. Have fun with it, and find our voice with those presets

  26. The fact that Bad Piggies is playing the background makes this 10x better and perfectly match with the ppst here

  27. Thanks. I try my best to match the clips with the music beat to make it flow better.

  28. That's something I also do and will do as well when I make Youtube videos to ensure the songs I use will match the scenes perfectly like with the post you made here

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