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The first time I got inside the Academy of Raya Lucaria

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  1. Always feels nice ! 9k path here, stopped to play other characters (maggie sexual now)... and welp, i can barely time my jump grapples anymore haha.

  2. Lip was my favorite character, but he became unlikable after a while. If I resume the series at some point, I hope that he'll get better.

  3. Don't bother with continuing the series! Instead watch The Bear, and you'll get your full satisfaction of Lip - just with banger well written show!

  4. Ryan Reynolds has delivered serious roles and done it well. Buried or Amityville Horror for examples.

  5. Is it just the cover art? Does it actually change her look in game like her 3D model?

  6. It does change her 3D model, however it looks like crap

  7. We knew about rate up banner for a while, what you’re seeing is the collective spam of hundreds of players spamming their saved summons at once right after the update.

  8. Hey all! I have a PG27GP850-B ultragear monitor for my PS5. What are some good options for speakers for the monitor?

  9. I have The Last Five Years with Adam Kantor and Betsy Wolfe! PM if you want to trade

  10. I have the March 10th The Last Five Years video and the January 8th Falsettos audio, PM me if you’re still looking for them!

  11. Saw this just today, and I have a video of Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor, and an audio of Samantha Barks and Jonathan Bailey. PM me if you're still interested!

  12. That’s what I tell myself… I’m top 2% kills with path and I’m not bad at all but I feel like I should be better

  13. It’s funny that STR players have unga bunga, as I feel y’all legitimately good at this game.

  14. are you me??? I'm having fun with (just got done half of consecrated snowfield to grab some nice spells/gear) i really like being able to be terrible at the game and still progress. I just feel like i'm missing out on 90% of the game because of how many cool weapons there are that aren't sorcery. I really want to use one of the plethora of great weapons/ colossal.

  15. Unfortunately the only heathers west end 18/19 bootlegs that we have are pretty bad quality there’s a lot of good quality audios but that’s kind of it.

  16. i have original cast minus JD, from NY , is that something that's not widely known? I'd love to share it with more people.

  17. I’m not sure which Jd you’re talking about. if it’s Dan Domenech it’s the bootleg that’s widely known and that got heathers famous but if you have a bootleg with Dave Thomas Brown then it’s probably pretty rare as i’ve never seen it before!

  18. that's probably it! thanks for explaining, i've had these copies for years. Its the one where it starts off black screen first minute. Sounds like the version you're talking about!

  19. So dumb question, I just beat this area... is there a shield that negates magic 100?

  20. Can we get Monster hunter world with a PS5 edition? I would love to play 120fps with that

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