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  1. Can’t do that shit anymore. Cameras on the self checkout and cameras above you and cameras above that and cameras on the way out lol

  2. Or you do it anyways and goto a different Walmart or not at all 🤔

  3. You’re blissfully blind and dull witted if you think a landlord shouldn’t be aware of all the rules and regulations of the type of business they’re conducting and running.

  4. Once you get used to it, it's a peaceful life out there

  5. You don’t understand what I shall be doing. Negotiations are key.

  6. He could technically change his legal name, leave, immigrate, new name, new life. And unless that person is in a direct position to fact check OP, he could just leave everything retaining to their old name behind and OP can take up their new identity as IP.

  7. Oh I don’t think so. Why are you avoiding the question at hand? That you’re basically body shaming people and avoiding the topic and questions you’re being asked when you know what you’re doing, you’re just giggling at the fact you’re causing strife. I have all day to fuck with you, do you? Fucking goof.

  8. 314 is a reference to 3.14 - the first three digits of pi.

  9. I must... admit... my confusion. I do not understand why petitions are being heard over a settled succession.

  10. Ah very good Vizzy T, we shall keep the wool at its current cost of 1700 gold dragons per 200 pounds.

  11. Daemon was not made to wear the crown. But I believe that you were, GuardianSlayer.

  12. I am honoured your Grace Vizzy T, as your heir I shall make you proud.

  13. Big dildo in your pants and just stare at them while rubbing it

  14. Not overly if we’re all being realists. It’s probably what we’re gonna get overall and with probably two new more maps for the rest of the confirmed seasons we’re done. Unless this games gets its ‘Pacific Update’ then she’s a sunk net loss as there’s no hope after that.

  15. lemme burgle them buttery spheres

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