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  1. American Healthcare system isn't a government monopoly. It's controlled by private insurance companies.

  2. Those same private insurance companies have both American political parties by the balls, AND are trying to grab the Conservative party in the UK by the balls to bring their overpriced, borderline crazy health service to the UK.

  3. I also consider myself an anarchist/libertarian, BUT, I do see the arguments for free/affordable healthcare, and free death related spiritual care (free funerals bassically), but In pretty much every other way im a full supporter of the free market

  4. As far as I'm aware, none of the revived versions of the Golden Dawn can accurately claim to be the true "heir" of the real Golden Dawn lineage, and any such claims made have usually been disproven. Ànd believe me, I have tried in vain to find one for years lol

  5. It isn’t capable of banishing powerful spirits, but it certainly banishes general spirits and minor parasites. If it was just to prepare one for subsequent rituals, it wouldn’t be used so heavily otherwise. In ‘Low Magick’ LMD uses it and the lbrh in a school obsessed by a demon in every room before ordering the demon into the triangle. He said by the time he was done he could see the pentagrams around him as if they were literally floating in the air. He definitely wasnt doing this to practice for bigger rituals. Obviously there is a psychological aspect to it, and of course it can’t exorcise powerful entities, but it definitely clears any ordinary things that are hanging around you.

  6. General spirits? Not so sure what you mean by that, but if you're implying ghosts and the like I have my doubts lol, minor parasites? sure I guess, though I tend to view them more like negative energies rather than intelligent spirits. And ill have to look that up again, I've read the book but I don't recall any part like that lol, but I presume the LBRP and LRH will only have been part of whatever he was doing, as I said I know there are rituals in both the Thelemic and Golden Dawn systems that specifically ask you to perform these lesser rituals throughout, everything I've said on this thread has been in relation to the EXCLUSIVE use of lesser rituals like the LBRP, not the LBRP and LRH being used for their proper purpose (in other rituals/to open and close rituals)

  7. Was probably worn under the armor tbf lol

  8. You cannot be serious? Like honestly you are troling right? You are jumping through hoops trying to justify homosexuality in the Bible, you never heard of occam's razor? The simplest explanation is likely the true one, in this case the most simple explanation to describe "a man shall not lie with another man as with a woman" CLEARLY, to anyone with a brain, is talking about the "wrongness" of homosexuality. And FYI, no my problem is not that you "don't hate" homosexuals, I don't hate them either, my issue is with your ignorance when it comes to deciphering traditional biblical meaning. What you are saying goes against nearly everything the Christian churches have been teaching for centuries, are you saying they are all wrong in their interpretation and you, some random kid on reddit are correct in your interpretation? I think not sunshine.

  9. And what? As if somehow quoting Wikipedia proves the fact to be incorrect lol? And you're right, I got it wrong, they didn't anally rape the angels, in one version they threatened to rape them and were struck blind, and in more modern versions its been rewritten to say "wanted to know them" to serve as a SFW metaphor for the desire to rape, big fucking wow, I was wrong about a minor detail lmfao, it dosent change the context of my argument in the slightest, the fact that the sin of Sodom was related to sexual misconduct is the core point of the argument I made, it has nothing to do with not giving to the poor or whatever bollocks you just said lol, its the sexual misconduct that ended Sodom.

  10. That’s why they limited Jewish immigration, went hard against Zionist groups, and fought so much against the Jews during the civil war, that the Jewish militias targeted the British as much as the Arabs

  11. You're missing the point, and quite frankly i can't be fucked reiterating it for the tenth time, go and read my other replies on this thread to see what im talking about, but just to sum it up quickly,

  12. To an extent the arabs had the numerical advantage, but as you just pointed out, they couldn't work together well, all of the involved Arab nations had their own personal interests at the forefront, which ultimately doomed their "alliance" as soon as it began lol

  13. Looks ceremonial for sure, a real sword would be way thicker

  14. The Mithras religion arose alongside Christianity. We don't know much about it because it didn't have much ancient content that survived to be written about. The things that are written about it were written much later, long after Christianity had formed it's foundational concepts. When you look at the claims for what they are, it's clear that the two are unrelated and that the claims written much later were influenced by the presence of Christianity in the region.

  15. You're missing the point, that's exactly what I'm trying to say, Christianity has taken on board various themes from previous theologies, it doesn't outright copy any of them, but it takes a variety of themes from the aforementioned cultures, the reason I bring them up is because Christianity tried to integrate itself with the cultures that were otherwise opposed to it (Egyptian, Greek and Roman) while on the one hand that led to the rapid growth of Christianity, it also led to Christianity making changes or additions to be more appealing to their pagan neighbours, which is why the Muslims disregard alot of the teachings of Christianity, believing them to be corrupted by pagan influence, it doesn't mean they thought Jesus was a liar or somehow not the Messiah.

  16. First of all, i never said paganism had corrupted the actual Gospels or Bible, BUT, since you brought up the topic, many stories in the old Testament are retellings of older mythology, take Noah's ark for example, that story is almost identical to the story of Deucalion and the "wooden chest". And another point id like to mention here, I'm not saying these associations/shared symbolism with older theologies is a bad thing, i personally find it interesting to compare, what i am saying is that this is why the Muslims disregard Christianity.

  17. Yes, undoubtedly. Gnosticism wasn't a belief system, it never has been, it was a term created by the orthodox churches as a sort of umbrella term to describe various "Heretical" sects of early Christianity, these varying sects did not all believe in the same thing. In the majority of cases, this was usually because pagan elements were often included into these "heretical" sects, but of course as we know from groups like the Cathars, that wasn't the case for all groups deemed "Gnostic", and considering majority of these "Gnostic" sects were erased entirely along with their beliefs and teachings, there isn't any real way to determine just how many of them held a dualistic world view, and how many of them were just "too pagan" for the churches liking

  18. Can you name an example of any sect deemed Gnostic that does not have the concept of an evil creator-god aka demiurge?

  19. Manichaeism, they believed matter was evil (like all Platonic theology, hardly exclusive to "Gnosticism"), but didn't believe that a separate "God" like figure "the Demiurge" was its creator, but rather that the material world and the world of "good" (spirit), became separated and that the goal of man was to purify oneself and return to the realm of spirit upon death, again very similar to Platonism. It's long been theorised that Manichaeism, as it spread across the Roman empire, was the foundation/cause for many western sects of gnostic ideology, most famously the Cathars, who arose a few centuries after Manichaeism reached Europe.

  20. Start with your agathodaimon (holy guardian angel), before trying to work with higher intelligences like Uriel, a good ritual to make contact with your agathodaimon is the Abramelin, although it is very time consuming. Another solution potentially is to perform the 'Headless rite' from the Greek magical papyri, and use a specific charge relating to contacting your guardian angel.

  21. What is your point exactly? I don't think you even understand the context this is usually used in, this is the first time I've seen a (color) pill meme have anything to do with depression or lonely people, its clearly a reference to the Matrix, which itself serves as a parody of our society and how gullible and downtrodden the common people are. But let's ignore the way the term/meme is used 99% of the time and focus on this individual meme shall we? All antidepressants have long lists of side effects, both short and long term, and they are commonly prescribed for little to no reason, obviously SOME people with clinical depression do need them, but that isn't the majority of people who get prescribed them. Most people who take them are FEELING depressed, perhaps due to personal circumstances etc, but do not have depression, and for those people, antidepressants are just a mild poison that does nothing to address the real issue that caused you to feel that way, and causes you to have negative side effects, such as fatigue and feeling sick all the time. I've known too many people who have been prescribed antidepressants for as little as a relationship breakup, or losing a job, that isn't clinical depression, its just healthy grief, and antidepressants are just a coping mechanism for those people. So actually yes, in many cases this meme is accurate.

  22. Heavy emphasis on the sophistry. His debates don't hold up quite as well against anyone near his level of education. He's like Crowder or Shapiro in that he's made a career out of making specious quips at college students while avoiding confrontations with actual major figures in the fields he's so critical of.

  23. He actually has debated more intelligent people, and fell flat on his face metaphorically speaking, I remember after his debate/podcast with Stephen Fry, within an hour of the debate he was on social media arguing against the shit he himself said lol

  24. Me in the UK having to use my sword and crossbow with lots of bolts because I can't get a gun: 🥲

  25. The "good demon" is the agathodaimon, aka the guardian angel, everyone has one supposedly, although the first historical mention of one was the alleged agathodaimon of Socrates, and back then the Judeo-Christian concept of a "demon" wasn't a thing anyone cared about lol

  26. Maybe if people didn't DC every match then we wouldn't be getting so many 4k's, legit can't go more than a couple of games without at least one DC, just at least TRY get used to it before you just give up and go crying to behaviour lol

  27. "If someone says they are something then they are"

  28. How can you be a Christian and support EITHER political party in the US? At least the Christian republicans have the excuse of ignorance, because the right lie to them, but how can a Christian support the American left? Who support abortion and gay marriage, and overall just promote degenerate behaviour and a selfish worldview no better than the selfish worldview of the republicans. You just aren't a Christian if you support that, not a good one at least

  29. Good riddance, think I safely speak for the rest of the educated world when I say that. Dumb mf's fucked up everyone else's economy by removing the gold standard and causing record inflation, looooong before Putin ever declared war on Ukraine, America needs to get fucked in the ass with a metaphorical barbed wire dildo 👍

  30. The gold standard was a bad thing that only benefitted those that had all the money and screwed the other 99.9%. You might not like the current system but don't think that the gold standard was better.

  31. Its still that way, the only difference is there is a larger middle class now, but thats not going to last at the current rate, and economic dependence on America is something NOBODY wanted. Europe temporarily handed their gold to America to protect it from the Nazis, and we never got it back, instead you told us our money was backed by your fucking dollar 🤣 (which you then went on to print more and more of until we hit severe levels of inflation), and what you want us to be grateful? Lmfao

  32. For me it aint so much getting them out of order as much as it is occasionally forgetting one of the names lol (especially with the Bornless ritual holy fuck)

  33. Peter has to worry about infection. If he loses to Nemesis in the first round, he would be infected. I don't think it's as clear cut as some might think.

  34. Nope, two of Spiderman's abilities are regenerative healing (much like some species of spiders are able to regrow limbs etc), he also has "contaminant inmunity", meaning his body can resist and fight back against severe diseases and poisons, even once managing to fight back and resist VAMPIRISM, lol, so yeah it is cut and dry tbh 😂

  35. Can I get a panel example of his containment immunity. If he has legit immunity to virus, then Nemesis can't win. I'd like to see it though.

  36. I don't think he is outright immune, as he did turn into a vampire (twice i think), he was just able to recover from it himself when other humans would be plagued by it forever, so in theory, even if he was infected and became a zombie with spiderman powers for a day or so, eventually he would recover, and if its anything like a human body, probably end up with antibodies as well, but yeah, in one of the later blade comics (can't recall the exact name) he appears as a vampire and villain, but by the end of the story has managed to overcome the effects of vampirism by himself

  37. I don't think thats the right way to frame the question, a better way would be to ask how accurately do you think Crowley translated both Hermetic philosophy and the teachings of other mystery schools (such as those of the Freemasons, Golden Dawn and OTO) into his own religious philosophy (Thelema) and subsequent order (A.A)

  38. Despite the fact in the Corpus Hermeticum it talks about things in nature being inherently immoral and corruptible, with the only true source of good being the All? 🤨

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