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  1. OMG!! All I have is the overgrown piano. I need the rest!!!! The counter would be perfect for my 1st floor café 😩😩🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼

  2. My top three favorite layout! I hope you don’t mind but I will defiantly use this as inspiration!

  3. that looks flippin sick. how long did it take you to collect all the furniture? also (no hate just a suggestion) would you consider any of the wooden floors? the nature feel would really be emphasised.

  4. Ummm.. I don’t really know lol I just kept collecting at time went by

  5. Is it possible to get it in different colors?

  6. I only have the yellow. That looks soo much better!!

  7. That looked like natural selection to me lol I don’t wish him death, but I hope he gets what he deserves. There are real consequences to actions.

  8. The casual carrot flex 😩😩🥕🥕🥕

  9. I wanna boil it and eat it sooo bad 🤤🤤🤤 I love crab 🦀

  10. Yoo. I only have the regular one. Now I want the shiny!!

  11. Omg what is that golden rabbit picture on your wall?? How did you get it??

  12. You merge the three pink portraits at Dawn’s junker

  13. What’s sitting in the middle of the carrots??

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