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  1. You guys smell that smelly smell too? Smells like mo ass to me 💎🤲

  2. no. likely to be out. but still need to confirm, if it's everything correct

  3. With -1, you are out (after confirmation)

  4. Your first soldier that moved was revealed and is in LOS of the 2nd pod is my guess


  6. Anyone else get a free NFT from the Ordinary Adam collection? Just checked my collection and noticed it

  7. Is it possible to run DLCs simultaneously? Recently got Ideology and I’m considering getting Biotech as well if I can run them together

  8. Yes! They are all standalone DLCs but can be run together.

  9. 800 hours in vanilla. Time for me to switch it up in a huge way. Cheers!

  10. Malaysia checking in! Haven’t been active for so long. Time to check up on my favorite gang

  11. I want a NartProject Art 0x5C4F9de3D4378147Bc0EE4585f364bC6138C433D

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