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  1. I once interviewed for a job at a coal-fired power plant in W. VA. The forests, the waterfalls…it was like it was all set in a national park.

  2. Is there a picture of it or maybe a name sounds cool

  3. Wow. I heard nothing about it until now. So busy but I’m glad you posted this. It’s sad. So many missing people all over. I’m trying to put a Gretchen Fleming video out. I can’t keep up with it all.

  4. Me too, I've had it in my phone for few day's but posted it only now

  5. I think crime rate went down significantly and the whole mentality is so much different and laid back. Definitely way safer and you don't have to worry about getting attacked in the street, or having your property damaged or stolen by gangs 😂

  6. Hmm nothing regarding the Megladon or the Mermaid's

  7. This one has always perplexed me. Someone had a theory about the husband. I’ll see if I can find it

  8. I know and the FBI didn't take the case for some reason 😭

  9. Nothing is said regarding friend's that the couple was going to visit in New Jersey and Judy was shopping in a mall there the first day of the conference and she wasn't seen since. Obviously someone else was involved and she was left where she'll be found and so far away too in the mountains of North Carolina.

  10. December 7th was the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked it might of been a hate crime in retaliation to all the Asian's killed, December 7th is also a significant religious holiday that is associated with the Virgin Mary. Sound's like a well put together plan, I've seen it in a Substance Abuse Councilor notes when I was doing my studies and trying to understand other people's fascination with money, wealth, murder, different forms of mental illness, other health problems they have and corruption. Sound's like this poor man really met someone way worse than The Freeway Phantom

  11. Such a strange route home, that's a far drive from St. Louis to the city of St. Ann which is in northern St. Louis County and her father lived in southern Jefferson County and after work on a Friday. Since it's near the airport there's a lot of low rate hotels and bars that prostitutes frequent. They'd know especially if you gave them money, they know a lot about what goes on in areas like that, I've had people ask me what happened to someone too but I had no idea who it was.

  12. Can I write to you? Looking for a pen pal you know

  13. $250,000 is a substantial reward 👍

  14. Wow I can just smell the chemicals they use to make him happy by doing his hair or Nikki Minaj, Cardi B, Asian Doll, or R. Kelly's hair or their kid's hair and think they're going to be rich, famous and welcomed into elite society, a lot of stupid girl's and boy's have a salon right here in their apartments and are actual licensed and unlicensed barber's, beauticians, cosmetologists you name it, all here or in apartments that someone who's living here is inviting them into.

  15. Yeah, met alot of great people, with bad pasts... i switched states upon release and working on the river now...

  16. A lot of idiot's in this one, bigger the boat, more and bigger idiot's on it. Hard to hide a big boat full idiot's from FBI 😶‍🌫️🤣😋🫦🫴

  17. Wait do you have a link to the $100 test drives 🤣


  19. Oh yeah. Not the easiest thing to work through haha. On another hand, I searched for my birth parents for YEARS and was always silently preparing myself for the possibility of them wanting nothing to do with me. But when you’re told your kid died and they suddenly come back from the grave 20 years later it’s nothing but love hahaha

  20. It happens in US also just what you described, I knew someone who was adopted and grew up in a completely different State

  21. If it's true, because of cases like this US Citizen's are not allowed to adopt from Russia and many other cases as well

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