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  1. Pretty much this. The majority of supports (myself included) just consider Ana very fun and rewarding to play.

  2. They are because the people who play them are bad. It requires skill to bring his strength to the field and a lot of people lack it. Still very fun hero to play tho.

  3. Slurs and Cuss Words are not the same. Someone saying "You piece of Shit" is not the same as "Your a dumb [Insert N Hard R Here]".

  4. The biggest tip that I can give is that Ball is not a individual target. You need to be looking to enable your team not just yourself.

  5. He has one ability in four flavors, primary fire, storm arrow, sonar, and ultimate.

  6. I would love to see how Blizzard would balance Pharah, Echo, and the hitscans without mercy damage boost existing.

  7. By making them stronger and even more awful to play against.

  8. I guess I'll just ask why then? Ashe and widow are probably the only good hitscan right now. Soldier and Cass can work, but are pretty weak. I'd agree widow is obnoxious, but I generally find Cass, Ashe, and Soldier to be pretty easy to kill and far less annoying than Hanzo, Echo, Junkrat, Torb, or most flankers.

  9. Because hitscans aren't fun to play against... Or play as.

  10. Sym is a really different playstyle.

  11. Remember this, Genji is just as vulnerable to beam heroes as every other hero in the game. EVERY single other hero (barring the few with sheilds/actual invincibility/terrain generation) in the game is effected by beams in the exact same way as Genji, the only reason that Genji struggles against them is because you, as the genji player, are using deflect to try to bail yourself out of bad situations.

  12. Already said this in another comment but...

  13. Because the people living under that government aren't necessarily in alignment with it's beliefs/practices?

  14. Do you recommend any special change on her settings like switching the primary fire with the second or something like that, or you just play all default?

  15. Swapping melee and interact (go through teleporter button) can be okay, but I basically just use all defaults.

  16. KarQ hero guide collab when? Amazing guide, do you have any replqy codes I could watch to see your playstyle in action? Or a stream?

  17. I do stream (though I'm taking a break right now to graduate). There are a few codes in the post.

  18. How about being able to pick one of 2 ults and the picked ult is visible to the enemy team like a moba?

  19. If this was the move you'd think Merc would be a higher pick since only she can counter the one shot. But at least in this post she's pretty underwhelming.

  20. She has a limited playstyle but mercy is not weak and if u think so you're not going against or with good mercies that die once or twice the entire game lmao dmg boost is still one of the best abilities in the damn game if you can actually hit your shots for once

  21. I am a top 500 mercy player. She is weak.

  22. Yes it’s true. For only 2,95 a minute, I will leave you breathless.

  23. Fun fact: that is one of only 5 Janna voice lines that are longer than 3 words.

  24. I think (part) of why it may be this way is because black students are more likely to be searched for possibly incriminating evidence. A white student who gets their phone taken has nothing to worry about since no one is going to search their texts/gallery/ETC, but a black student may be more concerned because police will search their belongings for practically any excuse imaginable. Because of this they panic and act out.

  25. reloads after kills on DPS heroes are faster which might create the illusion that the video is sped up.

  26. He got nerfed one (1) time more than 6 months ago.

  27. No it can't because sojourn isn't that skilful of a character, you'd shoot tank to charge your rail gun then 1 shot a squishy, there's not much skill there

  28. Even though I think JQ had way too many big buffs, the current meta around her actually feels good. I think its because it leans in very hard to brawling, unlike some metas that had enough coverage in other styles of play to be good anywhere at anytime. Since JQ is a full-on brawl tank with only a little bit of poke potential, its very possible to exploit the weaknesses that brawl comps may have since JQ has a playstyle that requires you to brawl all the way and only poke when its very unsafe and you have to play defensively.

  29. Honestly I'd say it's kinda the opposite for Rein.

  30. Symmetra, seriously. She's kind of like a safer tracer with more poke.

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