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  1. What's the source material for this show?

  2. More than any other show I've seen, it really feels like it must be based on some pre-existing source material, because it introduces so many bizarre new concepts and characters right from the start without much explanation, but nope, it's all an original concept

  3. Lol wtf? Why the hell would the designer of "Jademurai" take a Chinese God, not just any God, but the Jade Emperor and straight up fuse him with a Japanese Samurai? This just screams ignorant Westerner to me.

  4. Well also why the hell would they create a Fur God that's just a head with feet. I mean it's not like the Jademurai was the weirdest concept they came up with there

  5. I want there to be a proper solution. I don't hate Chibnall's era as much as some people do, but a definitely think this is a case of poor writing/planning on his part. Hopefully he can come up with a good reason as to why it's like this.

  6. I quite like the theory that she comes between the 2nd and 3rd Doctors, not that I think the writers will go with that

  7. It's already confirmed that she's pre-Hartnell. She didn't recognise the sonic so she can't be after 2 anyway

  8. It looked completely different from the 2nd Doctor's screwdriver so maybe that's why she didn't recognise it

  9. okay - truth time - I have never watched a Star Trek thing 🫣 I don’t even know where to start

  10. Honestly Star Trek Lower Decks isn't a bad place to start, it has a lot of references to other Star Trek stuff but you don't need to get the references to enjoy the show

  11. I bet you were typing this with a smile. Thanks for the positive vibes!

  12. Was this question prompted by House of the Dragon by any chance?

  13. I’m sorta two ways about this. Loki was fantastic but Multiverse of Madness wasn’t exactly a phenomenal script. Hoping this is the right move.

  14. Not MCU, but he also wrote Heels which is fantastic

  15. Oh well if there's one next year (December 2023) it probably won't be with Tennant, I think he's only around for the 60th anniversary specials

  16. Are there 3 60th specials or did I make that number up?

  17. No I think that's correct, I guess some of them might air in December actually but probably not as a "Christmas special"

  18. Theres plenty of channels that you never hear about if you're not in the age demographic. But like dream has been dominating headlines since the speed run cheating that you really got to have your head in the sand to not have heard the name.

  19. It's even crap as a pun though, as surely you'd WANT a vampire based show to suck hard, when using that as your pun.

  20. It seems like critics often force a pun into the headline even if it means the headline ends up overselling or underselling the show. Wish I could remember the example I'm thinking of but I'm sure there was something recently where most of the critics were unenthusiastic about it, but their headlines seemed more enthusiastic because they all insisted on using the same word that tied into the plot of the show ("explosive", maybe, or something like that)

  21. The critic doesn’t write the headline, which is why they can seem so discordant with the actual review.

  22. Aww, someone saw Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and got butthurt

  23. so england wales scotland and northern ireland are technically countries, but none of them are nations: the UK is a nation and when people say countries they usually mean nations

  24. The UK is a country and a nation, and its four constituent parts are also all countries and all nations

  25. what disturbs me most about this poll is at the time i am posting this, 19 people found it okay for 30 to 40 years to attracted to minors.........

  26. OP edited it, it didn't say 30-40 originally

  27. I didn't, but the point I was making didn't have anything to do with the content of the article or the content of the movie, it was about what sub OP posted it on

  28. Well not that I can prove this but I absolutely would do that. This is the first time I've seen someone post a movie in this sub but if anyone did that, I would definitely have made a comment along the lines of "hey this is a movie" regardless of what the movie was, I'm sure a lot of people would

  29. Season 1 was Grey’s Anatomy meets Billions. Season 2 kinda felt like Succession.

  30. Yeah that sounds about right from what I saw, the main show it reminded me of though was Skins (especially Skins Fire)

  31. It's definitely closer to L than C, but it's still too close to C

  32. On the one hand I completely understand how people can think it goes too far. On the other hand I think it's a really good twist and is one of my favourite moments and episodes of Doctor Who

  33. I thought the implication was that the "people feel cremation" thing was a lie to convince people to be converted into Cybermen after death as an alternative. Still they never said it was a lie as far as I remember so may have been true

  34. Disappointed that you didn't mention the fact that Laura Donnelly is joining the MCU, that's the part I'm most excited about

  35. First time I realized you could love a show and hate the biggest star of said show. The beginning is a slog on rewatches cause so much of them building up the world involves Piper and I don’t give af about her character (obviously they had to as this is based off a book).

  36. Seasons 3-7 she's not really the biggest star, I don't know who is but I'd bet she isn't the character with the most screen time in any of those seasons

  37. That DB origin story was one of the best bottle episodes I have ever seen!

  38. Am I the only one here wondering who DB is? Do you mean CW?

  39. Yeah the previous episode with Carol trying to get them to sign the form was a bottle episode, but the CW one definitely wasn't

  40. Reboot has been really good so far. Check it out if you haven't

  41. Gonna also recommend Don't Hug Me I'm Scared as a great new comedy series

  42. Not trolling, that is actually the term, unsure why it was used though, now you pointed out the entomology. Maybe it arose from ace people making the point asexuality is normal, viah a dose of irony? Idk though.

  43. The actual answer is that allosexuals are people who are attracted to other people, so the "allo" refers to "other people"

  44. Im an asexual, so I don't really understand why you wouldn't wanna lose your virginity to a prostitute. If virginity is so important to most people, wouldn't a prostitute count?? Maybe it's because sex is very different than romantic stuff for me, but can someone explain?

  45. Well it costs money, that's one downside

  46. I think it's frequently better, but never when Nick Briggs is writing

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