News from Happy_Traveller_2023

  1. Asian supermarkets laughed at this law and continue to hand out plastic grocery bags by the cart full. “Shop here…we hate the environment “ says the sign on the door.

  2. Yes. The cashiers at the two Chinese grocery stores near where I live continue to pack purchased products in plastic bags.

  3. Earlier today i was able to access my history. But now it seems to be inaccessible again :(

  4. He is under torture, it's been 130 days or so in solitary confinement

  5. How did you get that amount of time? Did you get your chat history back after 4 hours and 21 minutes?

  6. You mean this amount of time is for everyone? So hopefully I will get it back today, right?

  7. Still waiting on my end as well. I'm sure it'll be up in the next day or so!

  8. I'm only seeing this new UI when tapping on the Music tab, but when I tap on the Home icon (bottom left) it's the usual, old UI.

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