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  1. When people chew with there mouths open. It drives me crazy. No one wants to see what’s inside your mouth

  2. Foot steps on the rooftop of my apartment PS: you can't get up there without using the roof access that is in my Apt.

  3. tapping at my window. I looked at my parents window, no tapping there. So I didnt move. Not a single inch. and one night I heard someone coming up stairs. You would think My dad would be coming up but my parents are separated. So I looked down the stairs, noone was there, and no, wasn't, my neighbors steps. You think the sound would be clear where I live? It sounds as muffled as kenny from south Parks voice. And my little brother and my mom were still sleeping. IT WAS CREEPY AS HELL.

  4. Did you know that in some states, it's illegal to collect rainwater on your own property? Crazy, right? I guess Mother Nature isn't allowed to share her resources freely anymore."

  5. Being a woman and speaking about her life and what it’s like. Many countries letting women speak freely or think freely is illegal. But we only hear about them not allowed to drive or vote. But to even speak freely is a death threat.

  6. I’ve been digging them up from my mom’s garden during the summer and saving them for this stew lol.

  7. He looks like a strong person, but when you put on a shirt over him, all you can see is nerd beczue he has a nerd face 🤣🤓. Ur good job bro

  8. It’s the frame of the glasses, I’m telling you. When I chose mine, I asked the ophthalmologist which frame makes me look more mature or old. He gave me exactly that one he’s wearing.

  9. I slept naked for years while living in tropical or hot places…I was fine. Now only summer. Still no problems and there aren’t large insects or lizards here…😂

  10. The mix area is where the sound and lights techs run the show from. The “mix” should not block anyone’s views, they are just a group of techs running the show from a few tables.

  11. I remember wanting to put them in my mouth 👄

  12. This may sound rude but you asked My friend I will call h is supposedly non-binary But she doesn’t call me gender fluid So I don’t call her they them intill they call me that and this friends if really nice but they never have any fun and she is in love with her other best friend and I think it is weird because we are only in 7 through 8 th grade and I think it id weird so I hat should I do

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