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  2. Well, somebody tell us which ones then.

  3. The two top-rated face coverings are from NEQI and Bags of Ethics (both £15 for a pack of three).

  4. They have just announced that they are set to end free cash withdrawals abroad which is a shame! One of it's best selling point IMO

  5. The link redirects me to a weird place for which my firewall warns me as dangerous... Can anyone confirm this is a safe link? David Hockney is probably my favourite alive artist. Biggest inspiration.

  6. that's odd. I can promise it's not. and get access through there!

  7. Wow, better than my my 400! Do you think there are any other subreddits which might be interested?

  8. Does this checkout? Anyone have any solid info outside their page on it.

  9. Read about it in an article in a Charity Digital News, a fundraising trade magazine:

  10. Selling retweets? Is that even allowed?

  11. For the buyer it's the same as buying ad spend on Twitter, although instead of giving that money to Twitter it goes to the charity.

  12. So what your saying is I'd be better off giving them the nickle I found?

  13. The thumbnail doesn't make it look very appetizing lol

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