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  1. Some reasons why I live in a cold climate: 1) we have a government that values all people, 2) our public schools teach real science and historically accurate truths. 3) here people have autonomy over their bodies and reproductive healthcare decisions are made by the patient and their healthcare provider.

  2. NGL y’all created this monster, you have to deal with it. “Come visit Utah” “americas playground” It’s on your license plates. You sold out.

  3. Hehe, gotcha. So I'm guessing that you are new to the area? I suppose you will have to either get used to it or move south. I expect it will take a few decades or more for Idaho to feel like Florida if you are waiting on climate change.

  4. Beautiful! As a side note, that shirt looks incredibly comfortable

  5. Tilamook creamery 👎🏻 But tilamook is a nice place Try to hit Hug point, Indian beach, Ecola state park, Astoria(shipwreck, cathedral tree, cannon, seaside) up north Depoe is awesome, but you’ll have crowds during the summer I wouldn’t even stop in Portland unless you have to

  6. I’m just happy that you keep posting so folks can go by the droves to see the stupid water. Clap hands

  7. For every SINGLE unbearable SJW you got 100 mee-maw and pee-paws wearing trump paraphernalia, unhinged Q spiracy ding dongs defending the biggest chickenshit of all time. Good meme boomer!

  8. May as well throw SE Idaho into the Greater Utah movement.

  9. It is true though, he has become a villain, folks struggle giving real reasons for him to be arrested/indicted

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