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  1. I hate that I can't pick a frontrunner between "corrupt" and "inept".

  2. Yeah but. There is defaultism in thinking the default for the US, like love of bagels and lox and cream cheese, is the default for every country (or every similar country).

  3. Honestly bagels are unpopular in certain regions of the US. They aren't exactly a national obsession and you'll find areas that don't even consider them a default breakfast option. This is more like NYC Defaultism lol

  4. Kings fans are still waiting for Gabe Vilardi or Quentin Byfield to replace Jeff Carter as a solid 2nd line center. I think once upon a time we were hoping one of them would also replace Kopitar at 1C but that isn't seeming possible anymore.

  5. Because Libertarians think that by getting rid of the government you get rid of authoritarianism but in reality you just end up with corporate authoritarianism instead. You need a strong government governed for people to have any semblance of freedom. The only thing that can truly challenge corporate power is government power which is why corporations focus so much on influencing the government as much as possible. They buy a vast majority of politicians for results like Citizens United and a lack of proper state run healthcare. Anything they can do to keep us poor and desperate to work on their terms or starve is the goal.

  6. Most Cyberpunk settings (not the game, but the genre) are basically the libertarian world come to life. Relatively little government to speak of with corporations being the real world powers breaking society into fiefdoms and setting us back a few hundred years.

  7. Just make 3 pt games. 3 for a win in regulation. 2 for an OT win and 1 for an OT loss. Every game would have the same amount of points on the line.

  8. It's getting ridiculous how we've been asking for this point system for over a decade at this point and it doesn't seem to have ever even gotten consideration. The strategy aspect of needing to close out games in regulation instead of overtime for the extra point could make some absurd 3rd periods once March/April come around.

  9. Even if you've seen Wandavision it doesn't 100% work. I mean the seeds are there but only if you've read the comics and know what the Darkhold is but it's like another movie or season of Wandavision is missing to actually develop it. A bit like ol' dragon lady in GoT - on the large scale her doing a heel turn makes sense but there is nowhere near enough development to actually sell it.

  10. It also felt kinda hollow that her series was about her dealing with her loss and getting past it, then they just had her taken over by an evil book and undid all that character growth. It's like Wandavision was required for some context but disregarded where it was inconvenient to be consistent.

  11. You probably weren't the only one. I have to spell things out over the phone for work using the NATO alphabet and a lot of people then repeat the word back to me using a made up alphabet.

  12. Who knew building a giant city of overindulgence in the desert would backfire?

  13. Not trying to be the "well actually" guy because this is just a surprising fact, but Las Vegas is actually considered a model city for water conservation. If places like Phoenix and Salt Lake City used water the way LV does we might not have the current problem with the Colorado River.

  14. I had an issue with the battery I sent my board in for. It was dying while telling me it was still half charged. They got back to me today to let me know they were sending it back with a new battery, and a new footpad, with no explanation about why the footpad too…

  15. That's what it sounds like, they figured out an issue with the construction and are trying to quietly change them wherever possible.

  16. And who also has a tendency to crash into things at high speed surrounded by fire.

  17. Never heard of this show in my life and now I’m devastated that it’s ending

  18. It really explains how he hit the ground running with LWT, he'd had practice in the format before even The Daily Show.

  19. I don’t know about kale but it’s coriander that I have the gene that makes it taste like soap and I’ve heard it’s generic when it comes to asparagus making your urine smell. We grow asparagus around these parts so I’ve eaten a lot of it and it’s never made my urine smell. Coffee on the other hand ….

  20. This always comes up every time I mention how I don't like cilantro.

  21. *One is facing forward the other one downwards

  22. Glad I'm not the only one that saw the lid and thought "This inaccuracy will not stand, man."

  23. I watch everything with subtitles because A: I have a child and pets, then B: sometimes the content is mixed in a way I'd need to adjust a setting to hear the voice 100% clearly.

  24. Right, like who’s gonna be the first to win a case and/or get a law passed to protect Children’s right to privacy online.

  25. I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen a Jackie Coogan style bill proposed that does just that. Man, our legislators really don't do anything these days.

  26. The day she dies should be a lowkey black holiday… Whites wondering why we all celebrating, and every year on her anniversary we remember other evil hateful whites that died in the fiscal year!

  27. Just wait until Walmart finds a way to Juneteenth it.

  28. When you have headphones in while riding a bike and something on the bike fails, how are you able to hear said failure? Gears rubbing, flat tires, debris in your chain, someone yelling “behind” when they’re about to pass you. You need full awareness when riding a bike. Your theory is flawed.

  29. Nobody is saying you need to wear over ear headphones or anything with noise canceling, that would be obviously dangerous. You just wear headphones that allow outside sound through or that don't cover your ear canal and your "problem" is solved.

  30. Anything to circumvent headphones, huh. Y’all stay safe out there.

  31. Please tell me all about how advocating to wear headphones that allow you to hear your surroundings is circumventing headphones.

  32. they shouldnt, thats not what this is about. this is about one subreddit enforcing health and safety guidelines and that might as well be the american agency

  33. I've honestly always thought of applesauce as a snack unto itself like jello or pudding, but the idea of using it as a condiment has me thinking about making an apple slaw for some pork tacos.

  34. I've seen times before where my phantoms couldn't see an invader but could still interact with him. I was able to just strafe around and let my invisible partner backstab them to death. I wonder if there was another summon who was attacking you and you just didn't know they were present?

  35. I've never been to Mexico but have had and seen agua fresca in many places. Might not be as popular further north but it's definitely a thing in at least Texas and California.

  36. No /s, I hate the ways aussies and Brits don’t pronounce R’s that are there BUT ADD FUCKING NEW R’s WHERE THERE AREN’T ANY

  37. This happens a lot in the states too. Most of the South has a rhotic accent and R's can sound like wildcards to an outside speaker. "I need pure water to wash this" will somehow result in "wharsh" being the only word with a voiced R sound but almost every word gets an extra H somewhere.

  38. They were 11 bucks and I thought they looked cool. Watching this Kickstarter has certainly kept me entertained for 6 years and I have something I may use from time to time. I'm not mad about it.

  39. Honestly 11 bucks for the packaging alone is kind of a good price for an art print. Plus you got those spoons!

  40. I feel like there's just a whole crop of forgotten goal scorers from the 80s, since it seemed like you could be a 50 goals/100 pts player for 3 years and then disappear.

  41. Especially with the big three having sole possession of the Art Ross for like a decade.

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