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  1. Idk💀 i just found this template and thought to make the meme, BUT IF SOMEONE KNOWS HER NAME, i would like to know it too for scientific purposes

  2. Fingers always get the job done better, plus they leave a tasty treat on your fingies!

  3. nO WaY!!!😲😲😲😲😱😱😱

  4. No offence but prince charming looks like the guy from the

  5. This looks like the thumbnail on a pitch meeting video from screen rant

  6. Your girlfreind in bed: your only gonna last 20 seconds

  7. How do you even change the background

  8. If it has bad graphics, obviously no work has been put into the game, therefore it is a bad game. You just got owned, haha… kid.

  9. So all old games with great story and characters suck right?

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