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  1. Torontonian’s all pandemic - “I’m so sad all of the events are being cancelled, the events are great”

  2. Toronto hadn't had a Nuit Blanche in three years. When there's plenty of fresh art and artists to pick from, and it turns out to be less than impressive on the ground, the letdown is real and genuine. People are rightfully allowed to feel this way.

  3. If proper want “fresh” art. Go to any of the independent galleries all over the city. Nuit Blanche is a corporate sponsored event. You don’t go to taste of the danforth for authentic Greek food. Isn’t a themed event to entertain the city.

  4. They are both the quiet ones now. One by choice, the other because his jaws wired shut

  5. Vince buried her, she’ll be a huge fan fav with kids especially with the tank. Gonna take some time to rebuild after Vince’s wwe

  6. It may be a language barrier but not sure what you mean by their looks being “insistent and hypocritical”

  7. Booker goes over HHH. No one else was in a position to take Takers streak. Booker over HhH would have been great for Book and had no longterm impact on HHHs spot

  8. Wardlow needs a non squash match. His built up to winning the tnt was great and the squashes were perfect to get him over but once you’re the champ, you can’t skate by on squash matches anymore. He needs a strong title program Vs someone like hangman

  9. Look for above ground parking structures downtown. The top level should have good views of the skyscrapers

  10. This is the first and only post you’ve made. Shady as fuck.

  11. If all of this was through Instagram, none of it sounds like a legit business

  12. I think it’s a stained tshirt and sweatpants.

  13. Guys that smile when girls are saying “get the fuck away from me” are sociopaths.

  14. People whine about nuit Blanche every single year. But you’ll complain even more if they cancel it. Just enjoy the event for the event. The art is just the excuse to go hangout all night with people.

  15. Outfit is fine. I don’t think the fake braids are appropriate. Or should I say, they are appropriating.

  16. Those guys haven’t been that upset since Jan6

  17. Get Wardlow to defend the tnt against actual competitors, not just squash matches. Have storylines that are exclusively rampage driven like they used to with the ftw guys.

  18. As simple as it is, just get outside and walk/explore. Just wandering the street around you and seeing what the city has to offer you (shops, cafes, bars, sights, restaurants) will help. Once you start to discover your new home it will start feeling like a home

  19. I’m with you on the Ate-TL. The Mary Lynn raskub ep battling the rave show outside the hotel

  20. By “19” do you mean you were born in the 1990’s?

  21. You look like you have a hair trigger when it comes to eye rolls

  22. You can here someone say “you should execute him” when the camera cuts.

  23. Why is it so important for you to have a sticker on your presto card. It’s literally the least cool thing you could do.

  24. I have two Presto cards and I have small stickers on them to tell them apart.

  25. Op didn’t put a tiny star on the card to tell them apart. They covered the entire card in a custom sticker.

  26. I love Vancouver but they don’t deserve a nba franchise. They didn’t at all support the one they had. Give Seattle a team and they can be Vancouver’s Buffalo Bills

  27. I don't know. The Mariners are good this year but Seattle still doesn't have fantastic attendance numbers. And that's their only sport

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