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Trea Turner No-Doubt GRAND SLAM retakes the lead 9-7 for Team USA

I'm catching the vibration

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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I needed this today

  1. Don’t worry he’ll have another manic episode and hate some other group for zero reason. Maybe next time it’ll be Muslims or something.

  2. Quite possibly. Maybe he’ll jump on the transgender hate bandwagon that tons of Conservatives have been really pushing lately.

  3. The average IQ in the YouTube comment section is a negative number

  4. I have not looked at one in around a decade at this point.

  5. i hate everything about him except for his immigration amnesty so you're right

  6. Not sure where it stands for me. I need to listen to it for a decent amount of time to really pick.

  7. I’m honestly not too sure yet. I’ve only listened to the album twice through.

  8. There’s really not an album I don’t like. Delta Machine is probably my least favorite for the most part but I don’t exactly hate it.

  9. Corpses will hoard all the wealth from the living in time

  10. Being someone who has an Associate’s, I’d be ecstatic to even make 50k-60k much less 70k-80k

  11. Why did Outlook decide to bring back tons of old emails over the last few months that I deleted? The mobile app and the desktop one both did this today and now I have to delete over a thousand emails again.

  12. Smh neolibs think I’m lying because they can’t imagine anything other than the crushing weight of their divorces

  13. This is legitimately things I did think in my head as a loser teenager.

  14. I definitely look a lot better than I used to.

  15. Anyone who’s shit on the World Baseball Classic is either a hapless clown for a Mets fan.

  16. Also fuck anyone who says nobody cares about this tournament. It’s been a great time.

  17. Imagine contacting the guy you bothered for year’s girlfriend who you’ve also tormented just to get sympathy because you did some stupid bullshit.

  18. All but one inning the US has gotten at least a run.

  19. I’ve seen some studies about how sad songs actually don’t make you feel sad, And after some thinking I’ve come to believe that they are bullshit.

  20. Depressing music has never made me, a fairly miserable person, feel any worse. If anything I can find some of it relatable to life experiences.

  21. I just don’t get how you can live under tory rule for like 10 years and still believe this

  22. American socialists think the same garbage here. It is pretty surprising to see Brits say the same since they actually live there.

  23. Absolutely amazing game too. Couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining game. Especially when you’re rooting for the US.

  24. Damn between Tucker and Pressly I love the Astros now

  25. It’s so weird to be happy with Astros performing well.

  26. Good on the Mets as a franchise taking care of one of their guys to this degree.

  27. Gigantic home run, even more massive grand slam. Trea won the game tonight.

  28. I always forget that identical twins exist until I meet some and it's kinda weird every time.

  29. I’ve known two near-identical twins for a time now. Back in middle school you couldn’t really tell them apart. It got easier later through high school when they decided to not have the same look.

  30. MCU movies seem to be running out of steam. Really not surprised DCCU movies are doing worse.

  31. They won a world series in the late 80s. And went to world series in the 2010s. What are you even talking about?

  32. I literally did say that they didn’t have a drought like the Cubs. They still have horrific luck in almost biblical ways. The Cubs had the same thing but they finally exercised that demon in 2016.

  33. Idk if its consolation, but I hate the Phillies more… 🤷‍♂️

  34. I tried to give Phillies fans on their sub good wishes during the World Series because I despise the Astros. They promptly told me to fuck off and downvoted me so yeah.

  35. You’re telling me Newark and New York are next to each other? Did the writers even try coming up with a creative name?

  36. There’s this kinda pointless gap of land in the way.

  37. I love my mother very much but I haven’t met a person in real life who needs to touch grass as much as she does.

  38. Yeah. Venezuela flew under the radar a bit with US, Japan and DR getting all the attention. They’re for real.

  39. I feel like they’re the scariest team outside of Japan. Haven’t even been that impressed with the DR.

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