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  1. You can take the job and slowly transition and find a new job with different hours while at this job. Or request after working at this job for a while a shift change if they have any openings.

  2. I was in the same situation as you. SAHM for 7 years before going back to work. We also don't need it financially, my whole paycheck goes into savings. So I didn't worry. I got the job and started working. We check in with each other and our kid frequently. As soon as it's too big of a strain on our family, I'll quit and look for something else.

  3. I know I can always quit. I just hate quitting... Even if I have a valid reason, it makes me feel like a failure. And no matter how bad the work environment, I tend to feel sorry that I'm leaving them shorthanded (if not the management, then the employees who have to take up the slack).

  4. Out of the loop… what did Cusack do?

  5. I'm curious as well. I heard he was a pain in the ass to deal with behind the scenes (mainly stubborn, I believe), and he seems to attempt to cover up his lack of new work as him "being picky". But I haven't heard of anything really worth canceling him over.

  6. It’s the same with Kevin Spacey. I’m not going to stop watching Se7en because he’s in it. It’s a fantastic movie and all the other actors don’t deserve to have their work cancelled because of one person.

  7. I simply cannot remove The Ref from my Christmas movie playlist. It's a core memory now.

  8. I'm sure you're right about why they choose those colors, but it sort of gives the car a retro look, IMO. Like they're trying to make it look like a 40s car. (Not that they painted them like this back then, but it sort of gives an optical illusion, like the yellow is a reflection of the curves rather than a different color)

  9. The Core - Whenever there's a list of scientifically inaccurate films, this tops it. Utter balderdash from start to finish and completely batshit brilliant.

  10. I think that's why I like it so much. It's the perfect example of "it's pretend, folks .. That's the point! Get over it and just enjoy a freaking story!"

  11. Does it have anything on the back that might indicate it was intended to be hung up?

  12. TyPiNg LiKe ThIs WiTh CaPiTaL lEtTeRs means the person before was making fun of a concept or other people who say/believe it. They weren't asking a question. Clearly, the downvoters don't agree with whatever this concept is.

  13. There's a fraction of a moment (about 3 seconds in), as he's rising up, where he reminded me of Michael Jackson in the Thriller music video.

  14. That's what happens when your family tree is made up of mating cousins.

  15. Reporter: "How did you determine it (the threat) was false?"

  16. At first I thought he said "the good Lord (indistinguishable)", which pissed me tf off until I turned up my volume and listened again.

  17. CJNG is the biggest cartel in Mexico right now and it stands for Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, the main leader wasn’t caught just one of the commanders named Doble RR (Double RR) and cartels burn down stores and burn vehicles to pressure the government into letting someone go, more famously El Chapos son that was caught and released in 2019 after his brother sent hundreds of hitmen to shoot it out with the military and police and he threatened to kidnap militaries families if they didn’t let his brother go and it worked

  18. And I assume these store owners are completely unrelated? Just innocent people who end up victims?

  19. The store you see in the video is called OXXO it’s basically mexicos 711 so I assume they have insurance and yeah they do kidnap innocent people to force the governments hand as well

  20. I was waiting for the bang of a gun, wondering who would be crazy enough to shoot a bullet in an area like this, so this ending was kind of a relief.

  21. I hate stories like this, because no matter how much the asshole deserved it, the one doing the beating is likely to get in a lot of trouble (which did happen here).

  22. You really don't come across as lazy. Plus you are not the only one making this decision, you have said your husband is completely against getting a dog. Does he feel guilty?

  23. You don’t have to get a puppy. Maybe you can adopt or rescue an older dog that has already been trained. Obviously, this would depends on your situation, but it’s something to consider.

  24. I thought of this, and I thought it was the best hope for convincing my husband. Adopting an older dog would up the chances that it was already trained and would guarantee the dog would have passed by the time our youngest is out of school and potentially out of the house, so we wouldn't be left with the dog. But my husband refused this too.

  25. Idiots like that are only alive because everybody else saves them from accidentally blowing themselves up.

  26. I agree with your parents in the sense that you need to grow comfortable taking your kids places, but I completely understand being nervous and cautious with your child and your routine. Don't let them make you feel uncomfortable and don't let them bully you into leaving that comfort zone.

  27. Same. I loved the easy mode options on the WiiU Mario games for my kids.

  28. Why wouldn't you just actually watch films or docs, seeing as though it's a visual medium?

  29. It's only stuff I've already seen (and I've seen a lot over the years). So I can visualize it in my head as I listen.

  30. I almost ended up in a fist fight at work because of an idiot like this

  31. Yep. Sarcasm isn't sarcasm when you can't tell. (Online and via text is one thing; but not being able to tell in person by the absurdity of the "joke" or the tone of your voice, that's dangerous)

  32. What about this Under The Umbrella Tree? Not a treehouse, and there is a human, but there are puppets, a big tree in the living room and a kitchen to the side and a small library

  33. I know there was a network called Treehouse TV in the early 2000s (I believe it started earlier, like in the 90s in Canada, but I don't think the US got it until around 2000). Between shows they had bits with hosts doing things like arts and crafts (sometimes with puppets) and they were supposed to be in a tree house, but it was just a room with wooden walls.

  34. The best part is, since the person publicly posted that they know why the power was out, it won't be too hard to get a court order to start searching through her phone to link who actually did it.

  35. She claims officers came, she's been investigated and they're gone already. Her cockiness in the comments is so annoying.

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