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  1. Fuck yes. If you're clocked out, you are OFF WORK and should be walking toward the door.

  2. Of course not. But Cincinnati Chili is served over spaghetti.

  3. Yeah. You ever been to Cincinnati? Everything about that place is shit.

  4. Nope. I have never been to Ohio. I don't expect to.

  5. "Well yeah, bitch. Because you fucking are disgusting. Figure it out and get your shit together. Now pay and fuck off out of here."

  6. I literally offered to comp the entire tacos? He refused. He wanted one dollar bill back and only that. That was the only solution that would work for him. No "free handouts" just his dollar.

  7. Sure, but giving him a sauce for free is the same as giving him a dollar, right?

  8. He refused any type of compromise. He only wanted a single dollar bill. That was the only way it worked for him. I'm 89% sure was being intentionally difficult to get this rocks off and 11% concerned he genuinely couldn't do basic money math and realize we were offering him the same or better. But his story was, he wouldn't and couldn't accept any free food as a resolution, because, as he put it "I worked hard for my money and don't need no free handouts. I just want my dollar."

  9. I'm not a native speaker, but that was unreadable. Good story, but I can't follow the plot - it jumps around like crazy from sentence to sentence. Is it so for anyone else or should I go git gut at english?

  10. Yes. This is horribly written and impossible to follow. You can never tell who "they" is, and no ones' words or actions make sense.

  11. Shit, no, I was just kidding because it was in a bowl and I was thinking of how cool of a breakfast cereal that would be and making a joke. There are far better ways to consume mushrooms, like all the ways. You can try slowly just chomping on them or making tea or other methods. You can search for multiple methods. But no, don't use milk and sugar..............Well, I actually never tried it................But no, try another method.

  12. You've provided a laugh, MV. I've made and drunk tea and then slugged the mushrooms down, and I've put 'em on a peanut butter sandwich, and I've had a shroom roll, which is a giant cinnamon roll with 2 grams of moshrooms in, but the straight-up chomping method is indeed the most efficient.

  13. Yep. I'm reading about lemon tek, so I may give that a try.

  14. How about drink the tea and then slug down the mushroom solids with a glass o' water?

  15. When I was working as a cashier I was looking through some of the customers drivers licenses and I think one of my coworkers showed me how to scan their licenses with a swipe. Customers who are bringing alcohol in wouldn't mind having their licenses or ID scanned because it's the better way of knowing how old they are and would be able to buy alcohol,tobacco and lottery tickets. It was better than trying the year on the touch screen register.

  16. As people have begun to adjust it, people are becoming more understanding of this new regulation. There's going to be about 15% that are going to be daily jerks about this. The daily rhetoric is getting old of hearing their insults. Now if an id is so much tampered, altered, fraying, bent, expired we can't accept it.

  17. Fuck that. I don't need any database knowing how often I buy beer. I make the cashier enter the date manually.

  18. How is any of what you described "arrogant"? Perhaps it doesn't mean what you think it means.

  19. They used to have a store brand called My-Te-Fine.

  20. They don't exist near me, but I hear that Wawa has excellent sandwiches.

  21. He was not aquitted, he was found not guilty.

  22. I hope you’re ready for some humble pie. 🥧

  23. I've never been to a bank with a glass barrier.

  24. I don't like to show up less than 90 minutes before close.

  25. Tipping on tax is stupid. I generally tip 25%, but on the pre-tax subtotal.

  26. I worked at fast food in the 80s (red-headed child logo) and since we were open late on weekends, prank calls were common especially on holiday weekends.

  27. "There's the dumpster, chief. Knock yourself out."

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