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  1. Whoa these are incredible, what did you use to draw so finely?

  2. You're welcome! Just got home and checked and it's Wilton Foodwriter.

  3. No it was not. It was Calico I believe, a dark brown or black and a Amber Orange color.

  4. I would get referred to Dr. Chang like everyone is suggesting but I’d also get a referral to one outside of Barrie if you’re able to travel. I needed two allergy tests and each time I had to wait over a year for the appointment. I had to miss my second test because I had tested positive for Covid the day before and when I called to reschedule it after a year of waiting I had to wait another six months

  5. Ugh that's brutal, I'm sorry to hear that. But thank you for your feedback I appreciate it.

  6. Check an allergy clinic, or ask your doctor where they suggest you go to...

  7. Thats very good to know thanks a lot for detailing your experience.

  8. Yes, I was just there yesterday because one of their loss leaders this week is whole chicken at $2.49/lb. I haven't seen chicken prices that low in forever.

  9. These are seriously the best GF muffins I’ve ever had/made! I’ve made them several times and they’ve never failed. Super soft, not dry or even crumbly really. They keep really well in the fridge for a few days and heat up nicely too (I usually zap em for 15-20 seconds).

  10. Looking at this muffin I actually speculated you used PC gf al purpose. Seriously that blend is magic!

  11. It has renewed my love for baking! Can’t recommend it enough

  12. Like someone else said…it’s “Henry’s” not “Brown’s”. Not sure what I was smoking this morning. Went there for a passport photo for my 1 month old baby. Staff were amazingly helpful. The photo printing machine was right beside the passport photo station. Didn’t use that machine, however.

  13. Hehe, I thought it was odd there would be two places like that in park place, thanks for clarifying. Very helpful, thanks!

  14. Man, I'm tired, I was totally thinking you meant an overweight puppy/dog was running around. By the last sentence I realized my mind is not running at peak power at this point ... I hope that dog and owner (or shelter if a stray) get reunited

  15. My suggestions- leave the powdered sugar off. Unless you're going to serve it right away, the moisture in the chocolate syrup will melt the icing sugar and it won't look as pretty.

  16. You're getting all the right info already! Definitely make sure to clearly mark allergens!! I will add, if you're just in the starting stages of practicing baking and you're not feeling confident yet, you can always leave a note or tell your coworkers that you'd appreciate their feedback/critiques.

  17. If you have kids, you could quietly ask at their school... the staff see much.

  18. Another very good suggestion. I don't have kids. But you have given me the idea to check with the couple people I know who have kids. Thanks again

  19. I know that Candlelighters sponsors families that are dealing with childhood cancers.

  20. I had not heard of this organization. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. Someone posted in the last day saying mapleview Wal-Mart had a restock? The post might have mentioned another store.

  22. Do the tops always fit on kinda janky? I remember ours you had to use something to push down the safety and anytime you switched out a top it felt like you were putting it on wrong and marring the plastic.

  23. Nah this looks exactly like the one we have at my work and the lid clicks on and off fine. That sucks!

  24. Good to hear. "Food poisoning" is often self-diagnosed and false. Called 'neophobia'. Any GI upset becomes associated with most recent meal.

  25. Gall bladder disease hurts something horrible. Glad you are on the mend. Rest your gut is my advice. Keep up fluids and prefer low fat low protein meals for a while. Onion soup for example with croutons and a bit of cheese.

  26. Love it! Hi Dante! My member of the Sonar Ears family is also named Dante! (German Shepherd)

  27. Might depend on sugar content. My regular chocolate cake recipe can sit on the counter for a week no problem. One time I forgot 1/3 of the sugar and I left my messed up cake wrapped on my counter for a weekend and it was growing mold.

  28. Cooool I may go check this out. Thanks for sharing the good deals!

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