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  1. You've piqued my curiosity, What is the mcdonalds incident?

  2. Ooh that's rough. I watched a customer take a swig of a 180 degree drink the other day without flinching 😖

  3. Smoke crack to get the taste of Hi Chew out your mouth

  4. Felice cafe has a little fireplace and huge windows. There's a large open space out front where people walk all the time with their dogs!

  5. Maybe a senior citizens residence would take care of him in the day, I'm sure he'd fit the vibe and it might brighten their days to see such a cutie!

  6. That would literally be his heaven and is such an awesome idea. Unfortunately when I last looked into it his human needs to accompany him as a volunteer! And he didn't qualify to be a therapy animal because he didn't tolerate the part of training where they are left in a room alone (go figure!)

  7. Aww bummer. Would it be possible for someone to volunteer to be with him for that? Maybe one of the staff? If they're not busy with residents of course

  8. But the gross sugar cookie almondmilk returns :( gingerbread was so good

  9. Sugar cookie almond? Sounds awful. We have sugar cookie oat in Canada and it is 👄👌

  10. Therapist: Roger Waters isn't real, he can't hurt you

  11. I love the company from the bottom of my heart, and I know it is a better company than most. However, I agree with the comment that you're responding to. Me and my partner both work there. We are a same sex couple. Even though I am they/them and they are she/they, we were both born female. When we both got hired, we both were she/her and open about being lesbians. There is this one shift we work with who has been homophobic since the day we got hired, and Starbucks hasn't done ANYTHING to stop him. And we have eyewitnesses, camera footage, and my manager has even backed us up, but my district manager and up do not seem to care. He is still working there. My manager just decided to cut his hours and demote him, but he can't fire him because of policies that our manager can't control. We have called ethics, and they actually took his side when he said we were targeting him because he was "the only conservative in the location." So me and my fiancé just stopped trying. We have also seen him target the black and Asian employees that work there. We are gathering more to actually try to take him down, but i have been there for almost 2 years and only seen him get a slap on the wrist.

  12. Yeah the company doesn't really give a shit. We had a supervisor who constantly misgendered my coworker to his face and others and was extremely racist towards the South Asian partners specifically, one of them quit a month after she was hired because he made her cry.

  13. The guy with dyed green hair and a brown felt hat that cleans the UofA hub mall/LRT entrance, does he have a nickname? Whenever these threads pop up I never see him mentioned but he always seems to be in a good mood, makes me smile in the mornings

  14. At least he was courteous enough to not write over the schedule

  15. After wiping my ass clean, there's more shit when I check a few hours later.

  16. Spider scare me but this one is kinda cute

  17. Thank you for this, it's weirdly wholesome

  18. Genuine question, how does she get her hair to look like that? I mean the lifted front and swept to the side part of it. I cannot for the life of me get mine to stay like that for more than like 2 minutes, is my hair just too thin? Am I not using the right products? Someone please let me know haha

  19. Damn she should just hire that box as a full time employee, she barely works

  20. Remember when he punched Morris into the sun? Dude has some inner demons

  21. You can go to an Urgent Care and ask the provider for a prescription to a local pharmacy. Most people would not hesitate at all for sertraline. You can always show evidence of a prescription from your cellphone. Last resort would be Emergency Room visit but hopefully Urgent Care is feasible.

  22. Unfortunately I did go to urgent care and they said they didn't write prescriptions for mental health drugs.

  23. Absolutely ridiculous of that person at Urgent Care, I'm sorry to hear that. People are so set in their ways they forget to help patients.

  24. I don't think she meant it that way, I think it was more so they weren't allowed to, I'm not entirely sure. She was very nice and sympathetic otherwise

  25. A woman in the lobby tried telling me how to do my job when i didn’t make both of her drinks at the same exact time and hand them both out and she asked to speak to the manager and i got to say “i am the manager”

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