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  1. It indeed is sad to see that those days are gone, old friend. May the Force be with you. Always.

  2. Oh, yes! Of course! Oh boy, now I do feel sort of stupid because I thought of that Discord thingy.

  3. No no, hang on, I think you're onto a great crossover marketing opportunity here

  4. I'll be damned! You are right! The stocks of Discord's Nitro thingy would be exploding in mere seconds, eh?

  5. I’m glad that the Republic armory could provide adequate equipment for you friend

  6. Friend, the promotion was mostly based on the fact that I now am a Commando Trooper with my own squad.

  7. It's always good to see the original screen Pennywise and (the best) Dale the Whale actor Tim Curry getting the love he deserves.

  8. As an English person, you literally can't do worse than our current government

  9. Characters were better developed? Rey Skywalker is a mess of a character arc. Finn got shafted cause Disney didn’t want a black Jedi. Poe doesn’t even have a character arc. What development?

  10. Don't call her that! That poorly written character doesn't deserve the title of Skywalker! That's identity theft, straight up!

  11. We know The Doctor, especially in his Tenth and Eleventh lives, was attracted to blondes. Rose, Reinette, Astrid, River, Marilyn Monroe.

  12. Wouldn't it have been way funnier, if Doctor Strange had said something (literally anything) obvious in Infinity War and Iron Man would've just look back at him, confused for a bit and then saying "No shit, Sherlock!" to Strange?

  13. No. That would have sucked, too.

  14. But not as much as the Doctor Who joke, since that one didn't make any sense whatsoever with the actors, eh? And, truth to be told, I'm not proud of my idea either, it's pretty meta and bad, but at least it would've made some sort of sense with Mr Cumberbatch and Mr Downey Jr.

  15. I mean, he literally defeated bloody Darkseid, someone wayyy stronger than Thanos, on multiple occasions, just with studying him and having time to prepare. So, if Batman had the time to study Thor and prepare for the fight, he could win – if not, he would still put up a pretty good fight, seeing as Thor was struggling against Cap in "Marvel's The Avengers" and seeing that Batman fights Rogers without any of them going down (I think the fight was stopped, before a clear winner could've come out on top).

  16. The tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler and probably Satan... I'm currently on my third rewatch of classic and new Doctor Who in chronological order (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures included) and have just finished the "Impossible Planet" story ark.

  17. Oy, brothers! That's me up there! He-he! Have one on me, the battle is in only three days from now on, so let's enjoy our life, while we still have it, eh?

  18. Well, I don't think that I need any introduction, since you've already made pictures of me.

  19. Nah, I'm just your average book author who can't quite cut to the chase without some sort of elaboration.

  20. In picture from left to right: (idk if they all came over here from the other sub) CT-4266 “Crackers” 104th Legion CT-1709 “Heisenberg” 501st Legion CT-9306 “Tear” 7th Legion CT-0720 “Tim” 21st Legion CT-0125 “Retcon” 65th Legion CT-4190 “Barstool” 104th Legion

  21. Oi, that's me right there – I knew that I recognised that good looking armor somehow!

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