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  1. Nah, not an idiot - one of the main things everybodies been saying is visually the movie looks amazing. The *only* issue is Chris Pratt as the main character - pretty much everything else is on point. Heck, some complained but I'll say I love Jack Black as Bowser as well.

  2. I honestly find Jack Black being Bowser odd. But whatever.

  3. I love me some McDonalds. I'm also capable of moderation and have 10 percent body fat and am physically active. But I guess I'm an idiot.

  4. What’s the point of those top spears? Stopped the Romans from jumping on them from above?

  5. No dude. They are just holding them there so they don't get in the way of people in front of them.

  6. I've had that happen immediately after building

  7. Why do people keep doing this? The answer is always Wolf.

  8. Not trying to invalidate your fears, but I promise you have nothing to worry about. Having a "job" is something just about everyone does. It's not that serious, and unless you give 0 fucks or are intentionally trying to mess up, you won't be the worst person there. The beginning of anything is the hardest part but eventually you will figure it out. And sooner than you think.

  9. Everyone hopped on the Sellen train after they found out she was hot. That's it.

  10. This feeling alone is enough to convince anyone that winter is better than summer

  11. Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon. Quite an emotional ride for a wee little me.

  12. I always surrender emote. They usually don't even hesitate to kill me.

  13. “HAHA easy kill” is just the actual Mason mindset in lore.

  14. "Being strong is never wrong" : Stabs defenseless peasant

  15. Lionel? The armor doesn't make Seigmeyer OP. The attitude does. So Alexander.

  16. Her facial expressions gave it away. And the fact that the camera doesn't really shake at all. Well it does just a little.

  17. I remember when someone posted these concepts during the great hollowing

  18. Is this the term used for the FromSoft famine after DS3?

  19. Does it make sense? Yep. Does it help the Soldiers? Yep. Does it really inconvenience a unit that much? Nope. Then why don't we do stuff like this more often? All we have to do is just treat people decently and most things will work themselves out. Why is that so hard?

  20. I heard the cornhub site got taken down

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