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  1. I really enjoy series 0 but struggle to listen on Spotify cos they’re so messed up.

  2. I’m going to do 5x15 cable flys today. Is it better to alternate between high, mid-height, and low positioning each set (so something like 1-high, 2-mid, 3-low, 4-high, 5-low), or would I be better off sticking to one height variation throughout all my working sets and then changing to a different height next, or does it really not matter? I’m guessing it really doesn’t matter lol.

  3. personally, I only do high to low as I feel that the upper and middle portions of my chest get enough from benching and incline benching

  4. I haven’t trained any hip hinge movements in about a year and after starting to do RDL’s again I’m getting really bad lower back pain after my sets and for the rest of the workout. Should I just power through?

  5. I use him , in a 41212(2) with him and Al Jaber upfront and IF Talisca as CAM , I reckon he is really good

  6. I knew within 20 minutes we would be talking about gay Chinese monkeys

  7. He couldn't, there was too much tea over it.

  8. We won't get them straight away (if we get them back at all during TOTY) They'll wait for Monday most likely. They want to sell as many packs as possible in the Store 😅

  9. I used another routine before and now created my own. Please give suggestions and fixes or tips.

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