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  1. Thank you. I assume this means that it’ll develop with time, and how developed it is depends on how much it’s utilized.

  2. Get a boyfriend you are actually physically attracted to. This will make you enjoy a wider range of sexual acts.

  3. Stop the bullshit people. What is going on with you guys saying that Robert Pattinson and Chris Hemsworth ain't attractive? I have never seen a man in reallife come close to these two. I mean who are you shooting for in when meeting men in your life?

  4. Only #2 deserved to be on that list. If these guys weren’t famous, I wouldn’t even do a second glance at them on the street..

  5. What is happening here? How would you give these men not a single ounce of attention? I have never seen men even come close to the looks of Chris Hemsworth and Robert Pattinson in real life.

  6. They are loud, aggressive, and highly attention seeking people due to their Se-Hero, disregarding the future implications their behaviour will result in.

  7. I am aware of my pedisposition. Yet I still do not understand how others can't think like me.

  8. I am also on a very tight budget, so I was very happy to find out that the whole natural beaty/no makeup makeup was in, because that’s what I’ve been striving for and it costs way less than regularly trying to keep your nails/hair done and getting fillers. Basically, if you work on having a good natural base with just a bit of research and finding the right products, you can get away with doing waaay less. Here’s what I do:

  9. Did the castor oil really help stimulate growth for your brows? I am thinking about using one myself. Do you use normal castor oil or the black jamaican one?

  10. Stress results in your inferior function taking over (in the case of an ESFP Ni) which makes her look like an INTJ even though she is not.

  11. I would say 5.5 yes you have a good jawline but that makes you look masculine and you have a unsymmetrical face. You have pretty good features. However, I would give you a 6.5 if I new what you look like without makeup, you look good but your makeup is what really makes you into a new person or not. Not to offend but it just seems a little much for me.

  12. In what world is she average looking? How many women do you see that look like her day to day?!

  13. It is not that she wasn't supposed to enjoy it; it was the she was supposed to enjoy it more with her husband. He wanted to see that other men could not get close to making her come as he can.

  14. Men who like and respect themselves and who are capable of taking the lead boldly. Women can't follow you where you can't lead them. Female pickiness is a myth by the way. Women will fuck literal criminals, guys in jail, drug addicts, rock stars who just got done fucking 10 other chicks backstage and she's number 11.

  15. This is beyond nonsensical. Physical attraction can't be negotiated and bad genetics have a cutoff point in terms of tolerable. Beauty is 90% objective because it implies good genetics and great health. In turn making it impossible for ugly people to feel physical attraction to another ugly person just because they themselves are ugly. Sexual selection is darwinism at its core trying to weed out undesirable genetics and improving upon the human race.

  16. He looks so different in every picture. It is a bit hard to rate him due to that honestly.

  17. People seem to just kinda quietly move on from the fact that Thor beat Kratos with ease but chose to revive him

  18. Technically yes. Even after reviving him and returning most of his health, he still ended it in a draw.

  19. You do realize that anyone can just go for ugly people right? The problem is that you might not find them physically attractive, so trying for a relationship with these people is pointless and unfair.

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