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I cost Bank of America ~$8,000 legally

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A Chimp was born a couple days ago at the Sedgwick County Zoo. He had trouble getting oxygen so had to be kept at the vet. This video shows mom reuniting with him after almost 2 days apart.

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  1. Doesn’t matter. The moment Trump didn’t comply and got away with it, it was normalized for the GOP.

  2. Stop playing the political sides game and think about what you need for your country. Why wouldn't I want a President to follow House subpoena and testify. Either uncovers legitimate issues, or shows the farce of the investigation while demonstrating the Dems are infinitely more law abiding and patriotic than the GOP.

  3. You made some excellent points, but this system is broken and has been since the Iran-Contra hearings. Nixon was the last conservative to ever "follow the rules" and he did so by skirting them.

  4. By upholding the law, the Constitution and the American ideals and values. Voting for those that do, and expecting them to keep up that exceptional standard. Everything you say is right. Justice is needed, and it needs to be administered by the just. Joining the GOP in the tribe game as they want will only destroy whatever remains, and rebuild nothing.

  5. Hi, your post has been removed for breaking rule 1. Please do not post all the parts of a let's play, just part 1- as you already have previously.

  6. For me the music was the level Surface from GoldenEye 64. What was it for you?

  7. My first in-the-wild spotting of a Ternion Award... and it is for a comment deep-diving an evolving appreciation of Gilmore Girls.

  8. They probably have more important things to do with their lives than browsing Reddit.

  9. ⠺⠕⠺ ⠽⠕⠥ ⠙⠕ ⠝⠕⠞ ⠞⠓⠊⠝⠅ ⠺⠑ ⠝⠑⠑⠙ ⠙⠕⠺⠝⠞⠊⠍⠑ ⠏⠗⠑⠞⠞⠽ ⠏⠗⠑⠎⠥⠍⠏⠞⠥⠕⠥⠎ ⠕⠋ ⠽⠕⠥ ⠏⠗⠊⠉⠅

  10. As there is a no fee option (check by mail/cash at branch), the law in my state makes this legal. If it was a new fee that there was no alternative, then it would be illegal.

  11. I have no understanding of anything you or anyone else is saying, but I like the sounds of it all. Good job.

  12. If I'm remembering right, Lofty Pursuits (which is my main source on candy making because it's not really even a particular interest of mine lol) calls this machine a "candy pulling machine" when using it to make hard candy. If you're telling me that things like candy canes are technically considered taffy, that's news to me and feels like outdated terminology, although obviously that's not up to me lol

  13. I'm from England, so we don't use the words candy or taffy (though, just to add further confusion, we do call candy canes, Candy Canes!). For us, this is most certainly a sugar pulling machine, as it pulls molten sugar to mix and aerate it. Once it sets, you've got hard-boiled sweets or chewy sweets, dependant on sugar content and cooking temp.

  14. I caved and looked... turns out there is a little green singing imp inside the machine that transfers the pins manually.

  15. So, it's basically neverending high school. I think I'll stick to the Slytherin Common Room sub.

  16. Is that one of those invite only house subs where you can only join if you aren't in any other house subs at the same time?

  17. So. Uhm. Is this the sort of sub where I get downvoted and banned for referencing... you know... the image 👉🍳👈... or are people pretty relaxed and well humoured here? 🐐🌊

  18. Eh it's OK man, 99.9% of Reddit is reposts and stolen comments.

  19. A theory like evolution is pretty much a fact. I'm not sure there is anything that's 100% true in science but we can say that there is so much overwhelming evidence that it's a given. I think the only thing higher than a theory in science is a law. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  20. You are correct that, scientifically speaking, no theory is 100% true. The scientific method works by having a hypothesis, and then divising an experiment with the aim of disproving it. If you cannot disprove it, then you publish it, and give everyone else on the planet the chance to disprove it. If no one can disprove it, then you have a solid scientific theory, one plausible explanation or observation, and you can begin making inferences from it and further hypotheses to test. This is why, as new methods, technologies, knowledge and hypotheses come about, our understanding grows and changes. We must be open-minded, non-dogmatic, and ready to move on from an idea that has been demonstratably and repeatably disproved. If viable experiments have been conducted and an idea has still not been disproved, scientifically speaking, you should remain open to it. If an idea cannot be disproved (i.e. no possible experiment could even theoretically be devised to put it to the test), then it is not a scientific question, and requires faith and belief, one way or another.

  21. I mean, I also gave "drugs" as a straight-faced dead-pan answer, and that was understood as humorous. Considering I started with that, was responding to someone who was also humorously going along with the charade of playing serious, and then posted my "source" as a link to the creepy pasta wiki, I feel like anyone who thinks I would be taking the fan-fic theory seriously at that stage has to take a long hard look in the mirror. The joke is that it is done straight-faced, to acknowledge it is insincere ruins it.

  22. yeah thats actually pretty fair. i probably just had a little brain poop moment where i didnt really think about the situation too much before commenting lol

  23. You weren't the only one man, I clearly missed the mark somewhere 😅 I have enjoyed over analysing this crazy topic with you :) now I must be off, need to listen to Wesley's "Kurt Cobain" on repeat for three hours to relax before bed!

  24. It isn't you that finds this sad. It is just the kindred emotions of the 87 billion brain cells in your head making you think you find it sad. Don't let them own you. Don't let their long arms win.

  25. This is fantastic. All the makings of a parody, but totally sincere painting, and it came out great. Such a random thing to fit into your channel as well, but everyone there was clearly loving it. Not an easy thing to pull of a genuine tribute, while still being your own utterly unique thing. Hope to see more of this.

  26. If it helps there is no achievement or anything at all tied to the use or non-use of the hint book, and the game does not track if you used it in any way AFAIK.

  27. I mean, I sort of see their point though. On a screen everything is pixels, so if pixel art isn't defined by the method of hand-placing visible pixels, then the only thing left to define it is resolution?

  28. And to think, all I wanted for Christmas was a Victoria Plum.

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