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  1. A British tar is a soaring soul, As free as a mountain bird, His energetic fist should be ready to resist. A dictatorial word.

  2. I assumed this was referring to when Picard sings Gilbert and Sullivan in Insurrection.

  3. Is Gilbert and Sullivan's Major-General even in Red Dwarf??

  4. Ooo yes, I really like that , looks incredibly natural and fluid.

  5. Hi, yes I noticed that in "The Dig" (also 8 directions the character can go to) the characters first turn (facing the first node) and after that start walking. Do you think you and

  6. I would certainly like to see that animated! Without playing the game in that style, it is hard to say whether the reduced responsiveness would be so impactful as to make me prefer the snap turn as well, but I am willing to better I'd prefer it visually.

  7. The "Easy Mode" isn't a real mode, it is a joke put in by Ron, Shelly and Tim. They made it deliberately rubbish by removing all the puzzles, as a piss take for people who buy an adventure game only to play a setting that removes half of it.

  8. Because it’s clear money isn’t what is important to the Weasleys. Why get a second job when you already have everything you’d need? We never see the Weasleys struggling with anything like food or housing. They even (assumedly) paid for part of Bill and Fluer’s wedding. They aren’t struggling in any tangible way. They have plenty of food (Molly has no problem sending cakes and other food to Harry, not to mention the main issue always brought up with Harry coming to stay is simply where he will sleep since they are short on room).

  9. Fascinating read, one point to add though. I wouldn't say that offering a Mother sacrifice her only child to save her own life is a kind action. I'd say it was a deliberately cruel and evil action, designed to utterly destroy someone one whichever option they choose.

  10. Is there a way to filter by flair if we don't want to see AI stuff on our feed?

  11. I used to be a member of a sub named

  12. I worked out how to create the buttons and have placed them in the sidebar of old reddit and new reddit. These only work in desktop mode, and even then the new reddit version works better than the old version, as in old reddit the UI of the page is interfered with slightly after filtering, but they are at least something!

  13. Sounds like a style sheet creation. We'll look to see if this is still possible, and on which platforms it can work. Could do an anti-meme button as well.

  14. You know if you think about it, MI was pretty ahead, making a woman a governor.

  15. Lots of pessimism here, but I feel like I can trust Rob Grant.

  16. Mountains look fantastic! If I were to imagine more, it'd perhaps be a livestock padock stretching back on the right, and maybe a grain silo, not as distant as the trees, but behind the padock. Maybe some thin, tall, scattered yellow grasses along the bottom of the painting, right at the front to bring it forwards, where it grows from the ground being obscurred out of frame. Lastly, maybe I'd imagine a slightly closer layer of trees at the back with a little more detail to the trunks, but not so as to obscure the most distant trees.

  17. I always wonder if umbridge is actually fascist or just desperate for power and happy to do whatever she needs. I see her more as some one who will change her beliefs to whatever it takes to benefit herself. She sticks with fudge for power and when he starts going against dumbledore she turns all her energy to hurting him. She writes Anti werewolf legislation because most wizards dislike werewolves so it’s a safe vote winner. When rufus comes to power she sticks close to him and suggest using harry as a political pawn because it’s what the ministry wants to do and it allows her to stay in power. When Voldemort comes to power she shifts to hating muggle borns with a vengeance.

  18. How lightweight are we talking? Maybe it is some sort of expanding polyurethane foam?

  19. Ooo someone lives in the southern hemisphere.

  20. Thank you! I found it online a few years back, but I can't remember exactly, I am afraid.

  21. I believe the last person to whom I asked that question mentioned they got it from Etsy. I assume yours was also custom-made?

  22. It wasn't custom made, but I don't know if it is still on sale anywhere new.

  23. Welcome to the club! I have both paramonia and scrabania on my shoulders, and the shrykull tattoo on my back. Yours turned out really clean, especially with the location and size.

  24. I feel like it is worth reiterating at this point that OPs tattoo isn't real XD

  25. I never really got into this one, it was a bit formulaic if that makes any sense. Felt more like a powerpoint presentation of one life threatening circumstance after another with no real connection then a cohesive story.

  26. Hi, just a heads up regarding the Mr Flibble card. There was only ever one of those made, and it was sold over 15 years ago at least to a company.

  27. This is fascinating info! Thanks! I'd love to read the article, and see your collection!

  28. Black bit. Pretty sure it was part of his ass, as it was covered in the interview with Mr Flibble at the time and they mentioned he covered his ass afterwards 😄

  29. Yes the Bodysnatcher collection was Region 2 only, and a warehouse full of copies of this was lost in a fire shortly after its release, after which they never rereleased it. All of the contents of Bodysnatcher Collection except for the Remastered Editions themselves were packaged with the Blu Ray release of the show.

  30. The remastered episodes were also released on the Region 4 (Australia) "Red Dwarf The Complete Collection" DVD boxset. It is beautiful (not the remastered episodes- the boxset!)

  31. That'd be why Craig wasn't on radio 6 today, then!

  32. Chris brought a vintage leather bound briefcase too lol! What do you think he has in there?

  33. I'm a data scientist and a novice astronomer. I've been following JWST for years, and a big reason I began pursuing my career in data science to prepare for the Webb-era. I'm very interested in spectroscopic data sent from JWST, and keep up to date on discoveries shared here, on arXiv, and anywhere else relevant. I don't have any mod experience, but I spend enough time lurking on this channel to be able to help daily. I also have over 100 hours on Space Simulator. Please mod me as well!

  34. Hi, would you still be interested in joining the mod team? We could really do with more people with professional astronomy experience! Also, all posts you could make displaying JW discoveries, either your own reprocessing or those you can find from your sources, would be welcome!

  35. Goddamn it. Previous mods really messed this place up good. I'll try and work out how to fix that...

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