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  1. Goku from Harry Potter on the video game system Lord of the Rings. A special edition from Star Trek Day.

  2. Spy x Family dubs are 3 episodes behind the original subbed. If you're just 4 episodes in, currently you could watch up to episode 18 dubbed, and expect, hopefully, a new dubbed episode released each week.

  3. Crunchyroll treats dubs as if they were different seasons, you just have to click on the name of the show and change the dub like

  4. I totally just figured that out today that they treat dubs and subs as separate seasons. Thank you so much!

  5. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday when i did this picture lol

  6. I actually emailed them asking for Punisher pictures to color. I guess this is a start lol.

  7. Check out "Marvel Knights 20th" . Those characters are all featured there, so that's likely where the idea for this image came from. Except the art is way better. Also, if you're into street level heroes, check out the original marvel knights series... Vol 1 ran for 12 issues, and vol 2 for 6 I believe. You'll get everyone there minus Tchalla... but also: Moon Knight, Shang Chi, Black Widow, Luke Cage and more 👍

  8. For me I spend a lot of money on disney and bunt, especially when some cards sell for hundreds on end. Either way I couldn't get into snap but that's just me :)

  9. MTG is the oldest and most outlived trading card game physically with a online mobile game still in infancy.

  10. CUE (Cards, The Universe, and Everything) is a nice blend between collection, trading, and pvp fighting.

  11. The first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club.

  12. I've only spent $3 and I'm just as good as any other player. Blasphemy!

  13. As a collector, do you read up or watch the characters from the pops are based on?

  14. I spend most nights reading manga before bed. I watch TV shows while at work so i consume a lot of media Subtitles are my friend cause sometimes i be watching shit without audio and then on a phone call with one ear bud in. You got limited time on this earth. I just optimize my experience the best way i can.

  15. Sounds like my old job before the pandemic. The good old days of desk work and shonen jump lol.

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