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  1. Not terribly strong scotch-wise, so I'll be skipping. Enough stuff to make the bourbon weirdos happy though =)

  2. I like how no one wanted to share any thoughts/ideas until AFTER it started fucking up. Thread was absolutely silent until about an hour ago but has been active for 13. You guys need a BC

  3. Pfft. I ain't no Captain Loose Lips. I haven't anything about...nevermind.

  4. It's kind of reading as a lazy whisky "scam" site, but not too much so. I'll say give them a very SLIM benefit of the doubt for now but make sure you know how to charge back to your credit card.

  5. I'm always tempted when a sale blows through Alberta but always let it slide. There never seems to be a impetus to move forward on this one.

  6. I don't plan on trying it, but Glenallachie single casks all tend to be very well received. Co-op and KWM both put out 15yos last year that were well liked.

  7. I hate to speak ill of the dead but I hope you picked it up on sale - I've never heard anyone call any Kentucky Owl product "worth the price" =/

  8. I have many times but not these budget offerings. If your gonna buy KO, get the real deal it seems.

  9. I don't think you're the only one to think that - these so-called budget offerings linger on the shelves here in Alberta for a LONG time.

  10. They've lost me on committee releases. If I want a NAS Ardbeg, I'm buying an Uigeadail or a Corryvreckan for a fraction of the price.

  11. All I've ever wanted in life is to pour bourbon out of Troy Aikman's d*ck. And now I know I can if I just search this shelf deep enough.

  12. I'm still looking for any Kilkerran :(

  13. Thanks Hex. Need to figure out if the delivery fee is worth while :(

  14. I don't know if they ship to BC, but if they don't there's other places in Alberta that do, the price isn't as good however.

  15. Not yet, I have way too many other bottles ahead of these that I need to work through over the summer. I’ve reached the point where spillover into storage bins is a reality.

  16. A year and a half ago, I found Lag 16 in a Canadian Costco for roughly $77USD tax included - I bought 4 bottles.

  17. For the same-ish price, there were those “Secret Speyside(M)” Signatorys floating around Alberta this month. 17yo single cask, cask strength Macallan. No added colour, non chill filtered. With those being released this year, I figure those are what everyone opens and drinks and the distillery bottlings are what people are selling to the suckers, er, I mean rubes, er, I mean “valued customers” 🤣

  18. I wish I lived out there sometimes lol

  19. Make whisky buddies. Share samples back and forth. Do bottle shares. Don't do this. It's gross.

  20. Yeah I’m not a bottle trader. I buy what I’m going to drink. I did have a chance at 15 for 139USD but I got cold feet. Next time I see it I’m just going to buy it and deal with it hahahaha.

  21. Nah, son. Eat some amazing food and drink even more amazing wine. =)

  22. If there was ever a business that knows their clientele. XD I can already hear the tone in their voice and see them rolling their eyes as they say it XD

  23. A shipment of Laphroaig cask strength batch 15 just hit Craft Cellars. It's super over-priced but I don't think that's just a Craft Cellars thing this time around =/

  24. $20 more (pre-tax) than the LCBO release for the same bottle. $30 difference on the Sherry Oak vs. last LCBO release.

  25. At $120, I was buying two and laughing all the way to the bank. At $170 plus tax, I'm thinking the CS can sit on the shelves for a while.

  26. I believe the joke goes "Laphroaig uses so much E150 colouring even the toilets flush golden water."

  27. I tell people all the time that if it wasn’t for the fact that Daftmill is impossible to find and the price is ridiculous, it would easily be a lowland favourite for me.

  28. I don't know. I'm in the middle of adapting Ninja Sex Party's "The Ultimate Sandwich" into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for tomorrow and I should probably remain clear headed.

  29. If you're not questing for the forbidden art of Sandwichomancy, what are you even?

  30. Arran is a good distillery to purchase with no experience at whatever price point you're looking at. Excellent quality at all levels and widely available in most markets.

  31. With no information, I'm assuming your question has to do with the governmental organization in your area in charge of importing spirits? My advice is play nice and be as honest and respectful as possible and you may be allowed to keep some of your spirits. And be 100% aware of your government's policies in the future.

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