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  1. Damn, actually pretty proud of myself for knowing the reference.

  2. Infernape, only because it was my first starter.

  3. Nahh dont do my boy ConnorEatsPants like that, he's cool.

  4. Minecraft steve with sex mod and gf mod installed.

  5. Nah, Zote would be just a normal type. A normal type legendary.

  6. Fuck that guy, I'm dual wielding my greatswords and I'm loving it.

  7. Wait…. You can press hold your L2, and don’t have to time it??? Jaw drop

  8. It always has the exact same timing, I think. I haven't even tried holding L2 yet, I just pressed it in the video.

  9. Wait until they see my fucking powersaw.

  10. Game dev: “You don’t understand, if I don’t leave the butthole texture in there, the game breaks on launch.”

  11. Funny how that is actually the case with an image of a coconut in TF2.

  12. That's not Ludwig, that's Ludwig III; Warrior of the Aernian Kingdom.

  13. it's a pretty interesting story actually!!

  14. Some dude really just picked an image that was on top of an alphabetical list and just put it on the wiki page, funny how that ended the years of debate.

  15. Imagine if GameFreak found out that they could also make the games look good.

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