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  1. After seeing how they treated people during COVID, I’d never go near that place for any reason.

  2. WA managed it really well though. Apart from travel restrictions life went on without major lockdowns, masks or social distancing for a long time.

  3. Do you think germany or australia is better for raising a family?

  4. In Australia, school quality really depends on the wealth of the suburb that you live in. In wealthy suburbs the quality is high. Generally schools use more technology, are innovative and open to change their teaching approach and try new things. Germany is very conservative with their schools. Slowly trying to introduce things like iPads and smart boards, but Australia is a good decade or more ahead.

  5. Medication without therapy is useless. Although, if you can avoid antidepressants that would be the best option. Sometimes they are necessary, but in long team they cause more damage than good.

  6. This is pretty bad advice. In many cases medication works without therapy and it's wrong to generalise that medication does more damage than good. Also not good advice to tell someone struggling with mental health issues to join a club and find a new hobby.

  7. Lycra hurt me. It's unflattering, like wearing a bodysuit made of budgie smugglers.

  8. You can just cycle in your normal clothes then

  9. Check the Germans in Perth Facebook group for up to date quark locations. Its one of the most discussed topics there.

  10. No problem. Sick of seeing Seppo lingo and spelling in an Aussie subreddit. Will there be anything else, today?

  11. Thank you for taking the time to make such a fascinating contribution to the discussion. I am not a native speaker and today I learned the difference between ass and arse, and I learned a fun new derogatory term!

  12. My work is never finished. It's a constant battle. Pleasure to be of service. Don't get me started on use of the word 'regular'...

  13. No please. Tell me about regular.

  14. I doubt it. I haven't upped a torrent anywhere, and I only finished my version last week.

  15. Are you going to publish your work?

  16. Why install them in the front? Pretty sure that’s illegal in most places to obstruct vision

  17. 95% of users put them on the bull bar. They may get a bit more distance on the roof but the height becomes too restrictive.

  18. It’s so awesome crossing an entire country. I’ve managed to do the same here in France and like yourselves totally fallen in love with travelling in this way.

  19. I suggest getting in touch with Knuffbergstravel. They are a couple, cycling for two years now and they upload to a small but very entertaining YouTube channel. They are in Florida at the moment after crossing over from Europe via ship.

  20. Zek plus Moogie would be especially sweet. Vic Fontaine would be neat too.

  21. Where is Nog? I can't see him

  22. Behind First Contact uniform Worf, bottom right of the pic! Quite obscured in the pic unfortunately, hard to get everyone in a clear shot when there's so many on the table haha

  23. Awesome, thank you. Spent way too much time with the family today discussing over Whatsapp who we can identify and who's missing. Was a lot of fun.

  24. Obligatory post for the KABC litter (and smokey vehicle) reporting program.

  25. $200 fine for littering anything. $500 for a lit cigarette. You can register as a litter reporter online. I have zero issues with reporting anyone who litters out of their vehicles. Dash cam footage comes in very handy.

  26. Not sure why you think you are an idiot. What is the issue with the joint account?

  27. I’m a 22M and feel just like you now, just 2 years ago I used to be competitive power lifter and close to 100kg of muscle now I’m just shy of 75kg and feel like I’m going to faint just from standing up :/

  28. Two years and you have not tried any treatment yet?

  29. Oh no I was only diagnosed 1 month ago, but struggles with it without knowing what it was since around the age of 19

  30. That makes sense. Often takes years to get diagnosed correctly. I started struggling when I was 13 and got diagnosed with 40.

  31. Look at Big 4 accounting firms. Their HR departments are used to hiring from overseas and visa application/sponsoring processes. Audit is in demand, you could even consider jumping over into consulting and internal audit with the current job market.

  32. There is a very short supply of experienced people, especially in audit. They certainly do not focus on their ex employees. You have a good chance as an experienced hire!

  33. The main reason to get credit cards in Australia is to cycle through frequent flyer sign up bonuses

  34. Know of any good sites other than point hacks that lists the cc with bonus points? I''m always trying to find ones for Qantas points that have cash back so that the annual fee is scrapped. It's been awhile since I found one of these though.

  35. The Qantas website itself has a good overview of all credit cards and their sign up bonuses. Even cards with annual fees are often worth signing up for because the value if points exceeds the annual fees multiple times, especially if you use them for business class flights (almost impossible to get any reward flights at the moment though because everyone has so many points post Covid and wants to travel). But even if you would just use the points for Wollies gift cards you will still be in the plus (don't do that though, points for business class flights are much more valuable than gift cards). Also remember to cancel each card as soon as you have the points, because you will need to wait 12 months before you can sign up for the same card again - keep your recycle period for the good cards as short as possible!

  36. Mate, don't make it your problem. JB HiFi didn't sent you the item. Its their problem.

  37. She was rubbing his nose in it. Whatever the adverb is for Schadenfreude.

  38. Have a look at emergency services volunteering. Bushfire brigades, SES, marine rescue, etc. They are not only looking for first responders but also for behind-the-frontline members running radio comms, welfare or social media. Weekly training, actual responses and social activities make this a great place to find new friends!

  39. You are much easier to find for search and rescue teams if you stay with the vehicle. The vehicle provides shade, either inside or by digging a hole under the vehicle. You may also be able to access the windscreen wiper water tank. A search airplane or ground teams may try to contact you via two way radio (most people travelling in remote Australia have radios in their vehicle.). A vehicle search also limits the search area to tracks and is done much quicker. Source: I am an emergency services volunteer and have done numerous search and rescue operations in remote areas.

  40. About how many km is the trek? I see the aerial trail but can't measure it.

  41. Not sure, didn't do it in a straight line, but spent a few days exploring the area and the neighboring Gawler Ranges. Probably around 220kms if you go the most direct route. Need to go via Mt Ive Sheep Station though to get the key for one of the gates because the tracks are often on private land.

  42. Where do you install GPSfAR from? Thanks!

  43. No fucking way cunt I was literally sleeping there at that stop like 2 days ago what the fuck holy shit

  44. It was like a hundred or so kms before the border on WA side

  45. A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

  46. That was written on a sign at the Tjukayirla roadhouse, one of the most remote roadhouses in WA, along the Great Central Road. In the middle of a 1,000km dirt road with no phone network for the entire distance.

  47. emoji kommt ausm japanischen nicht ausm englischen und heisst picogramm ( E=bild Moji=schriftzeichen)

  48. Habe mich auch gerade gewundert warum die Gefühlis nennt, emoji = emotion?

  49. I too loathe LinkedIn. As soon as I’m retiring and I’m financially free, I’m deleting it

  50. I deleted my account years ago and had no issues. Career in consulting with two job changes, all without LinkedIn. Stay in touch with clients and colleagues through other means and in person catch ups instead. Just hated that constant who has the bigger dick comparison

  51. Yes. To the office and back. Every day.

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