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  1. You're on a snark sub too girl, don't act like you're above me 😂

  2. I’m pretty sure this user is just a troll who gets off on collecting downvotes. I’ve interacted with them before, I’m not sure if they are joking around and playing into the whole “Judging in Sadness” username thing, but they got creepy & aggressive & tragically unfunny so I’m leaning towards them being serious & trying to rile everyone up

  3. If I showed that clip on the last slide to someone that’s not familiar amberverse, they’d probably think it was some weird AI generated Gabby Hanna parody

  4. I particularly enjoy seeing him posting his YouTube videos with “discussion” in the title, only to have zero comments. I’m genuinely surprised he doesn’t use his sock accounts to fake some amount of engagement, although he most likely knows we’re on to his little charade.

  5. I think he might had actually started removing bans & thought we’d go back to posting there…

  6. Given she already stinks it shouldn’t take long for the neighbours to notice the stench. But maybe they already get wafts from her and she’s be left to rot for who knows how long.

  7. Lil moment of gratitude…how lucky are we to be able to watch old footage & laugh at the late greats like Chris Farley, Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, etc long after they’re gone

  8. Definitely Pookie - my bf and I have a bunch of supporting arguments for this that I typed out but don’t want to feed the trolls that are popping up OR make it easy for Hammy to improve for next time

  9. It's like that episode from The Simpsons where Homer purposely becomes morbidly obese and attempts a phone call: "The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. Please try again later."

  10. In this episode “King-Size Homer” he weighs 300 pounds…because in the 90s that was considered comically & ridiculously fat….

  11. What ever happened to the 5000 games Salah got for her to play on her not-tendo switchcubestation?

  12. I freakin love Santa Monica, I’ve been here for 3 years. Dating scene has been great, a bit fratty at times but I think that’s probably all of LA in general 😅

  13. I’m 32 and haven’t dated at all since moving back to LA from Santa Barbara like 5 years ago. I kinda wanna start again without relying on apps… for any tips or recommendations?

  14. Hey! I just joined various social events like a bowling league and some cooking classes. I made it a point to focus on general friendships first and some dating leads organically developed from there. Another thing that helped me was going out with my female colleagues who knew some people they introduced me to. Only risk here is that it’s potentially a tangential “shitting where you eat” situation, so be careful with this.

  15. If that’s true, that’s fucking awesome. I was tearing up at certain points. Couldn’t imagine how Tom felt

  16. I made the mistake of putting that song on my newest workout playlist…ended up SOBBING while doing squats lol. My 30s are going great yall!

  17. i forgot about that! for one, what TRULY does he have to do with any of this?? second, very inch-resting that the first traumatic moment she chose to write about was one where she was the hero rather than a direct victim.

  18. This whole post was a great read. I’m curious about your informed-but-not-professional opinion: could this exercise have been used to get her to realize that her recollection of the events don’t make sense? I recall this being given to her about a month ago, which would have been around the same time as her own choking event. Maybe this was a way to get her to recognize the inconsistencies? Like “okay you have experienced actual choking where you were unable to make any noise, now tell me again about how your baby brother turned blue but was also crying”

  19. i don't think so, no. in my experience with treating PTSD it IS normal to start by discussing a much smaller trauma than what caused your PTSD, just to get used to what the treatment will entail before you dive headfirst into the literal worst moment of your life. i think the fact that she physically put it on paper is weird, and the fact that she chose this moment is a little weird, but the exercise is normal. i also don't think any therapist would care about her language that much. her baby brother being strangled, which she describes as "choking", is not something w therapist would want to disprove. that would be incredibly cold.

  20. Exactly! And i can imagine them extending that half a minute or so just to have some fun! 🙂

  21. Sitting here eating spaghetti with a literal pound of parmesan cheese on it, talking about how she can't wait to go visit restaurants later today. The only thing this monster thinks about is food.

  22. She’d def be one of the mean ones that spit on poor lil Gizmo…he just wanted to play his lil trumpet!!! (Obviously this scene deeply affected me as a child lol)

  23. Voters don’t forget to upvote as well! I think that’s why these get so lost in the feed

  24. It’s super cringe to waste money on her in any manner. The people that send her shit as a laugh are probably the same people that gave her trolly super-chats during the livestream era

  25. Love the DIY Aliens Exist tee! I was listening to the regular version and totally forgot that that line isn’t actually part of the song

  26. Tom Delonge would probably be played by Mark Hoppus, Mark Hoppus would probably be played by Tom Delonge and Travis Barker would probably be played by Scott Raynor

  27. I’m hoping she’s outright rejected for lack of commitment to shrinking her liver and showing that she can’t adapt to a calorie deficit and we get the BIGGEST meltdown

  28. Prolly not, Coachella is prolly over crowded too but you can only fit so many people on a beach

  29. Because she is currently trying to rewrite the narrative in her IG Q&A’s, thinking all this shit isn’t READILY AVAILABLE on the internet. I’m also glad he’s compiled it all together (even though yeah she’ll just ignore it)

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