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  1. So basically they copied the dance moves and gave no credit to actual song??

  2. It got viral because the dance steps match the Japanese song.

  3. What am explanation to copy bhi. Kalko ye bolege nato nato perfectly match to "i'm an albatraoz" so let's copy that too

  4. What do you mean "copy"? Some fan just made a mashup of Galti se Mistake's dance with Ojamajo Carnival's song and it became viral. Because of that, Galti se Mistake too got millions of views on YouTube from Japan.

  5. Why this song is so popular in japan i mean the comments on the orignal music video are also in japenese

  6. The "Galti se Mistake" dance became popular after a mashup was made of it with a Japanese song. There are a ton of such Indian dance x Japanese song mashups that got huge views on YouTube in Japan.

  7. wow all of them are still wearing masks. curious if it's the law in japan or people's discipline? india me toh even hospitals me masks are not necessary anymore.

  8. People were wearing masks in Japan before COVID was even a thing.

  9. I'm still confused with Unagi status. So she's still Kozuen, but Mina told her to get lost. Mina with this Club Venus thing has tensions with Tam but Tam hasn't said anything about Unagi and Mina clearly still is in Kozuen (and will have to be because Xia ain't coming back, so it'll be just her and May if CV becomes a faction.)...

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