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  1. OP, I have exactly what you're looking for. Check the album at the end for pictures.

  2. MJ is the undisputed GOAT, but in my opinion LeBron is at the point where I can't reasonably say that MJ is "by far" better than him. Like, LeBron is about to pass Kareem for all-time points. That in my mind brings him to a clearly-behind-but-still-relatively-close-to-MJ #2.

  3. I respect that. I actually have Curry top 5 now. How bout you?

  4. I would say Curry is definitely in the top 10, maybe top 5 but not 100% sure on that. Still might put him below Kareem

  5. No, because if the pants get wet, then your feet will get wet.

  6. You tuck your pants into your boots so they don't get wet, thus you don't get wet.

  7. If it's snowy out then yeah, otherwise it's up to you.

  8. I just call it "handegg" (because the sport is neither played with the feet, nor the ball is shaped like a ball ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

  9. No they would just think it's weird, but again you can call it what you want

  10. Please mark NSFW, the SUV driver died

  11. Nobody would know that without you telling them lol it’s not like you watch someone die. You only see cars hit eachother. Without context, you know absolutely nothing about anybody in this clip

  12. So this would be safe for Tom to show on YouTube?

  13. i just didn't really get what did he said, should i delete tips before or after my device is jailbroken

  14. Go into Tips app and uninstall Persistence Helper

  15. Yep here's the line: You bet $120k over 4 years for the chance to win a fulfilling career. Odds change based on your major. Huge parlay potential with double majors or advanced degrees.

  16. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-PINTO-BEAN

  17. Oh look, a Champaign apartment building doing a shitty thing. Totally unheard of!


  19. Not knowing what kind of paint it is, my best guess would be to try rubbing alcohol and cotton pad/ball

  20. Is there a way for me to determine what kind of paint it is? I got this mug from an internship several years ago, it was a product sample so I don't have a receipt or any retail/material information about the mug itself. It's definitely some sort of standard acrylic or metallic paint though, not like a hand-painted mug or anything.

  21. if its acrylic, the rubbing alcohol should work. Or you can try acetone (nail polish remover).

  22. I'll try both when I get home. Thanks!

  23. No, do not run the humidifier with nail polish remover inside. Nail polish remover contains isopropyl acetone which is extremely flammable, especially when misted by a humidifier.

  24. First of all, thanks for answer! I did not pour it in, I just rubbed it and then rinsed it 5-6 times with water. Then left it to dry in hopes of nail polish remover evaporating. I think there might be some residue but I'm not really sure.

  25. Ok phew. The good news is isopropyl acetone evaporates very quickly (even more quickly than rubbing alcohol), so there's a decent chance that it has already evaporated. But just to be absolutely safe, I would suggest filling the humidifier full of water, bring it to a well-ventilated area (like, bring it outside), and let it run completely until it's empty.

  26. There are basically two pipes, one containing hot water and one containing cold water, that lead to the same single faucet. When you turn the cold water handle, you open the valve that lets in cold water, and when you turn the hot water handle you let in hot water. When the valve is off, the water in that respective pipe is sitting there ready to be ejected as soon as the valve is turned back on.

  27. Well it used to be Albuquerque obviously, but it's been hard to find the blue stuff since 2013

  28. Other users commented on barcodes in general, but I wanted to add some info about why it's so hard to correctly guess a seemingly-random sequence of numbers. Oftentimes such a sequence of randomly-generated numbers will follows some arbitrary mathematical algorithm that can be followed back to verify the validity of the number. For a simple example, imagine an 8-digit number where digit 7 = [(digit 1 + digit 3) % (digit 6)] + digit 4, or however complicated you want it to get. The lines in a barcode correspond to individual numbers, so that's really all it is in the end.

  29. It's a matter of physics. A closed-top bike would be top heavy so it would be very prone to tipping over.

  30. Idk if it's a song, but it sure sounds like a line in one of his

  31. That’s a double negative, if you signed a NNDA I think that means you’d be agreeing to disclose everything to everyone all the time!

  32. Can I interest you in everything, all of the time?

  33. I know this is just a hypothetical, but assuming you're actually giving out the money in this scenario, 100 billion dollars is just too much money for 10% of people to say no. No one in their right mind would turn that down even if they were already a billionaire.

  34. Thanks for this! So someone with a disability could have both Medicaid and Medicare?

  35. Yes! In fact in the hospital billing world there is a specific, very complicated reimbursement system for patients that have both.

  36. Also look to see if there is a Nordstrom Rack near you. It's basically the off-price Nordstrom version of TJ Maxx.

  37. TJ Maxx sells nice shirts at big markdowns, like I can find a $50-60 shirt for $15-20.

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