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AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm): 840,000 viewers P18-49 rating: 0.29

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  1. They’ve super protected Jade so much that they’ve booked themselves into a corner.

  2. She did feud with Athena that one time and she had momentum and fans behind her.

  3. And that’s part of the issue. If Athena was brushed aside that easily by Super-Jade, why should anyone believe freaking Kiera Hogan has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning?

  4. Very true, Kiera Hogan is also not over enough (at this moment anyway) if she is the plan for dethroning Jade.

  5. If it's true that they just have nothing for him that's so shit. His gimmick, connection with the crowd and ability to deliver in the ring are all proven and his run with the TNT title to this date is one of the best things AEW has done. I'd imagine most of AEW's base if not most of its audience want to see more of him more than a lot of other signed talent.

  6. Id argue, his tnt run is still the best that belt has ever looked. You can make a case for Cody and Darby as well. I wont argue with that

  7. I could understand if the plan for him involved House of Black. Then when Black took his hiatus, Miro was left in storyline limbo.

  8. I don't even see the harm in putting him in the storyline with Joe/Wardlow/Hobbs few weeks back.

  9. Not skippable for me as I dont have Rinoa/Raines (yet)

  10. There is this move I remember seeing. Think its called Rubix Cube

  11. If Rok-C wins then what if they're saving the Rok-C vs Mandy match for Stand & Deliver? That way if TA gets called up, it'll happen after Wrestlemania?

  12. I think S&D will be the rematch that Mandy wants after losing.

  13. you might be the only person in the world who has even thought about this in the last six months

  14. I forgot for a moment that Andrade had a weird start on aew with managers

  15. Winter is coming is next week right? And we're not gonna get a face to face promo with two of the most charismatic young guys Starks and MJF for what reason… Like why is Ricky in the battle royal thing??

  16. Supposedly, the story is that he will be so beaten up and thats why he wont win at the next encounter.

  17. Same shit story they have been telling with Ricky since the tournament. It robs him of his swagger which is his best asset

  18. I just dont like the story in general. Why, in kayfabe, is Ricky being put in this situation?

  19. Yes this was the dumbest controversy ever. She's nor wrong

  20. People were acting as if she pushed someone off a ladder to a set of burning table with lighttubes.

  21. I think Bliss is still the one to go back there. But Asuka will also have a character change separate from Bliss/Bray/Howdy

  22. Said this on the previous Asuka post as well, I'm on the lookout for Graves pointing out that Asuka is not feared anymore then later taking the pin and the post-match beatdown from Rhea. Similar to Bliss, she might be getting a character change soon too

  23. Triple H seems to be trying to change some characters right now by giving them some big loss or moment of change.

  24. If it was up to me, it would be someone that doesnt need a Paul Heyman.

  25. But what if WWE decides to make a swerve, and have a heel end up dethroning Reigns. Reigns doesn't need to go full babyface mode, but rather fighting for the sake of his family, who the heel would target on.

  26. Definitely something I wouldnt rule out. Actually could be interesting.

  27. Why are House of Torture on this list. Why are The Good Brothers so high and how did The Hex out rank Aussie Open? Where's Jurassic Express or Dangerous Tekkers?

  28. Jurassic express broke up around June (Christian heel turn) or July (Luchasaurus aligns with Christian but didnt) or September (Luchasaurus attacks JB) depending on where you decide which is the break up point.

  29. Same as the incident with Reigns & Owens, they just accepted shit happens, presumably apologized, no drama needed.

  30. That shit almost started bad with the original report

  31. A submission would add some great depth to his in ring work too, and his move set basically already softens his opponents up for it

  32. He had that weird front facelock hug thing when he was the blacksheep of the Wyatt Family.

  33. They will likely do the same thing with Liv, she will lose and have a character change. Whilst Liv just became more "extreme". I think Alexa will be lost and needs help. One of Bray or Uncle Howdy will get involved.

  34. would they do that again so soon after they just did something similar with Liv? Alexa's turn has to look differently I think

  35. Liv didnt exactly become dark or it seemed toned down? So far she just has an extreme side as opposed to going full blown heel evil.

  36. Mia and Shelton should’ve been at the same table.

  37. Shelton would never sit on the same table with that blue haired gorgon

  38. I hope he pulls out that samoan spike slam thing Umaga has done once.

  39. who's he, another new signing? Bloating the roster again smh

  40. Ughh... Do we need to spoonfeed you everything? Do your own research man! That is former Ironman Heavymetalweight champion, Ladder.

  41. Im missing the one win he has. Punk, Moxley, Yuta and...

  42. I genuinely cannot understand the amount of people who are angry at him wanting to leave. Like it affects them personally. Same with people who want Tony to keep him against his will. These people make no sense at all.

  43. Just earlier this year, there were people who genuinely hated Owens for not going to AEW after they were confident that he would leave.

  44. Same as the people that got really weird over Malakai not going back to WWE, even when he put out statements himself... some people just take things too personally.

  45. Oh yeah. This was a good example because it showed both side of the tribalism.

  46. His new gimmick: The Narrative Controller

  47. There is no future ROH TV show if TK does not push the brand on his current TV shows. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

  48. You cant force people to like something, especially if its affecting their enjoyment of the programme.

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