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Something isn't adding up

  1. Dan McFarland from Ulster for me. RFU can pay the fee the IRFU want as their fee for Borthwick.

  2. I forgot how well we’ll be compensated!

  3. Not as well as you'd like to hope. Apparently we have put the price at £500k the cheapskates have offered £200k - well you wouldn't want to run out of gin would you?

  4. FFS, that’s not Razor money. That’s Diamond at best…

  5. The answer, at his best, is 15 of Pierre Spies

  6. Had this exact conversation over beers a few years ago. Spies was the conclusion.

  7. Lacking gas but otherwise quite tasty. Is Marcus Smith the fastest in the 23?

  8. No, Mako when the sticky toffee pudding hits the buffet has been recorded quicker.

  9. Sometimes, it takes a bold move to undo potential gridlock, which is what I can see happening here. I'm going to try something radical. I think if I go to Farringdon, I don't go off-side.

  10. You've got me! Venus is in retrograde so I can't play the Picadilly reverse. There's no other option but to go to Temple which leaves you with a clear run to...

  11. Elephant and Castle. I think I saw a potential violation of Hardy’s 1972 declension, opening me up for a two turn ban. That was quite the trap you laid there.

  12. I learned that move as a result of a thorough thrashing by Thomas 'Tough Transit' Temperley during The 1998 Trafalgar Convention. His use of the Camberley Clench as an escape from deep snooker in zone 4 was totally thrilling to watch even if it threw out all my blocks. Anyway, Elephant & Castle, you say? It feels obvious but I'm going to go to Sloane Square from there.

  13. You clearly have a strong sense of duty about all this so my advice would be that once you feel like you’ve done your bit in a given day or week , if you get even a spare second: don’t hesitate to do something for yourself. Walk, run, lift, game, read, drink, whatever for however long you can justify it but just find some small fraction of time to do your duty to yourself. Let the dishes pile up for a while, don’t cut the grass for a week, etc and prioritise some self care in any form. You can’t change your circumstances (unless you’re considering separation) but you can change how much mental capacity you have to deal with them. And, as I’m sure you remember for the first kid, it does eventually get better.

  14. My friend, this project is just what you need. If you've got a rough idea of the area you want to be in, this map will help you connect the villages, towns and cities via foot.

  15. Thank you! Is there an area you suggest to hike or a good starting point?

  16. I love the Peak District: Glossop is good place to start looking.

  17. I feel like Big Music has to be behind all of these

  18. This is like reading my own Brighton experience a few years ago written down except I didn't find an angel called Chris in the bleak industrial bit and I totally blew up there, missing my 3:30 goal. Congrats, you did it and you should be proud! Good luck in the ballot for London, I'm personally looking forward to my 7th 'application unsuccessful' message. Whatever you do, don't be tempted by Edinburgh: it's worse than Brighton.

  19. 7 applications! Damn I knew it was unlikely, but I had no idea it could take that long. Thanks for the heads up about Edinburgh. Have you had any experience with Manchester?

  20. I haven’t but it would be my next assumed choice for a UK-based, non-London marathon. That or potentially go short-haul abroad. Friends have enjoyed Amsterdam marathon a lot, Paris not so much.

  21. Whenever I type a number in to google it autocompletes with 'month sleep regression'

  22. Many can do them one at a time - I bet if you practice it you’d be able to isolate the specific muscles that do each one.

  23. Holy shit. I can ear rumble, eustachian click and eye vibrate. Where do I get my super suit?! I can also independently wiggle the right ear lobe. I'm not boasting, I just wanted...OK no I'm boasting. This is my weird moment and I'm owning it.

  24. A brisket comes from a bit of the cow that works really hard and really fatty. This means it'll have lots of fat (obviously) and connective tissue (collagen) holding the meat together. The aim of the game with a Brisket is to cook it a lower temperature for a long time to get that fat and collagen to render. The fat does magic things and makes it sticky/tasty and the collagen turns to gelatine. This process means that the muscle meat is all being held together with soft, rendered goodness and why it should be extra tender, just about holding itself together. This all happens when the meat reaches about 87 degrees C. You rarely see a rare brisket

  25. This is one of the most measured, helpful and kind responses I've ever seen on reddit. I was fully expecting people to be all like "DUH that's not how you brisket", instead you took time to explain and offer guidance. You're the kind of people I come here for.

  26. I'm in the same club. People talk about hating the first mile. For me, it's the first 3 miles minimum that are terrible. If i get through those, then the next 3 are bliss.

  27. I feel this. I did my first long run for around 10 months this morning. Went out slow just to try and make the distance. Was running within myself but started to feel aches and pains after a couple of miles. Got to 9 miles and suddenly everything felt great. Romped home happy and fast. Surely not a sustainable way to train though.

  28. My little one is about to turn 1 year old. I used to run 3-4 times a week and do a basic bodyweight strength routine as well. Not anymore. Between parental responsibilities, injury, poor diet and the sedentary nature of home-working I've put on about 10kg since she was born. I'm desperately trying to stop the rot and here's what I've come up with:

  29. It wouldn't reset unless the FTC ended and there was a gap before starting a permanent contract.

  30. Thanks very much, there won't be a break in my employment so that sounds like I'm covered. Appreciated.

  31. The major pitfall is that it looks fucking horrible.

  32. Super contribution, thanks for that insight

  33. Any time. Jokes aside, this just isn't a question for a gardening forum. Gardening is the growing of plants. You're asking for advice on killing plants and replacing them with a vast expanse of plastic.

  34. And yet, there were a few people who were happy to offer some advice that I wanted. Perhaps there were many more that disapproved of what I was asking but chose not to be aggro about it and then you: needlessly hostile. Thanks.

  35. I think Flats is an excellent commentator but had a run-in with him on twitter (and via direct message) where he was a bit of a dick. A kind of don't meet your heroes type of deal.

  36. Feel like this is probably true of a lot of rugby players. Met Josh Lewsey once and regretted it. Heard similar about a few Gloucester players from a friend's direct experience. That said, Freddy Burns and Ian McGeechan were both lovely.

  37. If you can’t find one let me know and I’ll see if I can create something

  38. Thanks, will let you know! My default was going to be some kind of pre-populated google doc template but have you got some skills to make something more like the stuff on Sky Sport, BBC etc?

  39. I don't like doing them to be honest because I can never work out how many players to pick per position and end up doing a Woodward in 2005.

  40. This is the beauty of the FANTASY version of the squad.

  41. Hey! I'm a seriously investor!! and I looked over this.

  42. THANK YOU! Only this morning I ordered flowers for my mum and thought - well done, got in there nice and early. Reading this reminded me that I'm now responsible for my 9 month old daughter's mother's day gifts TOO. At least for a decade I suppose?! Anyway - thanks!

  43. Thanks! I'm going to do the basics first and then see how 'adventurous' ours becomes before completely going to town. I love the idea of designated friendly drawers and cupboards.

  44. Put everything higher up out of reach, don't underestimate babies and drawers because they will have their hands rooting in them so if you have dangerous stuff (like tiny parts etc) get yourself some cupboard locks, we had to move ornaments, surround sound box, pretty much alot.

  45. Thank you for the thorough reply! Thankfully TV is wall mounted but I'm seeing hundred of other things that will need securing or moving now. Toilet latch is also going on the list! We've got a floor mat, wondering if I can create a little pen around it.

  46. Your wife's boyfriend is selling a $25,055 contract to fuck your wife with 100 dildos at $45 each dildo, if they want to, before the end of day Feb. 5.

  47. $45 is the strike price, I.e. the price at which you’ll buy each contract share. $250 is the premium for the contract.

  48. Could you possibly explain it with dildos and asses?