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  1. What’s the opposite of gold glove? Coal glove Bichette?

  2. These are the mental errors that continue to cost the Jays wins and they will be very costly in the playoffs. They just aren’t ready to win championships.

  3. Buck is going off. Love it. These guys just don’t take the game serious enough.

  4. Those video clips of all Bichettes fuck up this game. He needs to sit a couple games.

  5. Oh no. They put the word pussy. Hang them from their toenails!

  6. And they probably wonder why every other fanbase loves watching the Yankees fail lol

  7. Is there another team in sports as hated as the Yankees? Other than the Leafs of course 😜

  8. Purchased using the postseason presale code. Credit card charged, confirmation email received, only 3 tickets purchased (ticket limit is 4), no email or notification other than this. Current Ticketmaster wait time is 12-24 hours to hear from someone.

  9. Their support has got to be the worst of any company. They don’t have a phone number to call anymore. How can you charge so much on service fees but not have a fully staffed support centre? Ticketmaster is robbing people blind.

  10. That’s 2 throws by Hernandez that if on line would be outs. Replace him with JBJ immediately.

  11. You’re joking right? He throws harder and way more accurate.

  12. This is not unusual as the Vegas Strip is not known to be the traditional habitat of dolphins.

  13. Leafs are going to have a loooong season and I don’t mean playing into May and June.

  14. Manoah will pitch a gem but the offence gives him 0 run support as usual. Jays lose 4-1.

  15. But but but the advanced stats say the Jays are the best.

  16. Holy fuck this team has been frustrating all season long.

  17. Please be kind to the production crew today. I've been texting them and it seems there's some technical issues going on in Tampa. Hopefully no one will notice, but just in case, they're doing the best they can

  18. Does SN travel with their own cameras, etc to road games or do they use in-house equipment?

  19. Great read. I was too young in the 80s to know much about Exhibition Stadium and I also lived in Northern ON.

  20. Hands hat looks like he’s out of the sandlot. Looked the same with the Jays.

  21. Next time I need stitches just going to DIY it myself by watching a YouTube video.

  22. That’s what Ford suggested. If you’ve sewn on a button, you can see a wound closed.

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