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  1. Any projects you're working on right now I'll very gladly join! It could be with people from the comment section as well. I'm a music producer and sound designer and also do some art, looking forward to working!

  2. Music producer. That’s interesting and would actually be a great help. I do have ongoing project but i thought wed start a new one as a group. If you want to join in you can join the discord server i created, just dm me

  3. Hi! I have an idea and some characters i' d like to use. I am an artist and don't have much game experience. Und ich kann deutsch

  4. You may need to start more holidays than the ones we currently have

  5. Could potentially be because he removed a payment method or something expired and he still owes for an app purchase or in-app purchase. It won’t even allow you to download anything free until it’s paid. See if he needs to update his payment method.

  6. new phone. But yeah he called and spoke to 5 different apple support people and finally managed to fix it

  7. Happening to me also. Just downloaded the new update

  8. Id appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix if you happen to fix it

  9. I just want to see the results, you should make one with i just wanna see the results

  10. I play basketball and am around a lot of tall people. I feel short af and want to be taller

  11. Height is something you dint have control over. And you never know whats gonna happen. You can of course eat healthier and get good sleep to slightly affect it but if youre not lucky (or unlucky, i dont judge) you might grow. Its always random. For example my friend was short and one summer he just had a spurt and got like a 15cm increase in height. Its all about luck

  12. 99% of times i go to watch something i dont need to complain because of the giant sitting in front of me

  13. Seems like every 4th music composer on Fiverr is $10-$20. I wouldn't expect much for quality, but that's what they're advertising.

  14. What style of music are you looking for, 8-bit? And how many tracks in total?

  15. Different styles actually. But all basic and small stuff. Maybe for example the easy levels in geometry dash, just shorter and simpler. And i currently have no specific amount, depends on the price actually

  16. A lot of times. But its because of my editinf software. When i close and reopen it takes a bit before it can load so while im waiting i usually watch the video till the part i wanna edit

  17. If you’re looking for games has a Bunch of horror games

  18. Yeah is a great site for horror games. Thanks. But i need to finish my steam horror games first. Or at least play a lot of em. I only have like 5 videos at the moment

  19. If you are up for it, record a bunch at a time then lol edit them when you have the time to do so. Makes the process of making videos better for me at least

  20. Yeah thats a great idea. But the problem is im a guy that gets really scared and i think that me getting scared is kinda funny. And if i play horror games for lets say 2 hours, ill start getting used to it and some videos will be boring because i wont be scared like im used to. But thanks for the suggestion

  21. You managed to fit everythig in 6 now you wanna double the amount. Your viewers might not like that, just sayin

  22. The app is already out, however it’s over 4 years old and super buggy, in desperate need for an update. I promise this update will be worth waiting for.

  23. “Lucidity - Lucid Dreaming”, but I offer you a fair warning that the new iOS updates have made some things break. You will be able to get a good enough idea of the features the new app will have, as well as my new additions. I will also mention it is iOS only for now.

  24. 6'1 (1.86) at 15, i hope i grow more, id like to be taller. When i cross paths with people at the sane height or higher, i dont like my own height. Im of course lucky to be tall but i really do wish that i was taller (i also play basketball so that might be the reason)

  25. Dude your 15! Your most likely still growing. Stop focusing too much on your height! There's more to life than height.

  26. Im actually not that focused on my height, just commented this and made a posts before but i stopped thinking to much about it and just think itll happen one day

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