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  1. Jrue is better than both muggsy and damn first and foremost. Even Matisse Thybulle who you can get for like 5k would be an upgrade there

  2. PG - Jimmy/Sengun/Lamelo/Magic

  3. Yep. Jimmys price seems to be dropping. I picked him up and never had the CPU player strip the ball do many times. Loving his card if you can get used to the weird kicking jumper.

  4. This was just a buy now I got lottery Lucky having it pop up exact second I clicked the filter

  5. Nice!! Congrats. I wait till the last few seconds or minute to nab a good card but get outbid right at the last second. They just lure you in, thinking you got a chance then bam!!

  6. I’ve played so many games on double vaults and no luck

  7. That’s the key! 21 and 4 equals 25. His jersey number is the key! 🤣

  8. I fucking grinded all weekend, hoping and praying to get Vince but all I got was a bunch of 1 tokens and Gilbert Arenas SMH and not to mention, the Spin the Wheel, is rigged as all fuck!!!

  9. Wasn’t it PD Vince though? He should be cheap to just get from the AH haha

  10. Depends on the situation fr me. If I can stealth? Sure absolutely. If I know that I want stealth but because of my, physical issues, I won’t be able to? Then combat. Or sometimes I do both.

  11. It's not a "break" in FC4, but it's definitely a "make" in FC3. FC4 is a solid game, with all the right mechanics in the right places. But apart from some new takedowns and a different setting, it's FC3 all over again. Except without the plot part.

  12. That’s what most gamer series eventually become sadly. After one really good game, usually early in the series, the rest usually become a carbon copy with just enough new additions to keep gamers coming back. It’s like a, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, scenario. This game was great, they loved it, so why waste time and money making something different or new when we can just make the same game all over again, with just a few additions. This happened with COD, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy and so on and so on. The same marketing, production strategy is used when making music, moves, regular products etc etc. And it’ll never change. No matter how much we bitch and complain.

  13. I haven't played anything past Primal, but for me FC3 is better than, for example, FC4, because it actually has character growth. You see how Jason starts out as a typical city boy, who, while adventurous and risk-loving, finds the idea of killing kind of unsettling. But closer to the end, somewhere around the second island, especially when he is talking to Hoyt, you can actually hear bloodlust in his voice. It's how he went from killing to save his friends to an all-out massacre, killing for the sake of killing.

  14. This is so true. At the end of FC3, if you decide to not kill your friends, Jason is realizing, that he’s becoming bloodthirsty killer, just like the tribe and Hoyt’s group was. He realizes this and decides that enough is enough. He takes his friends and they leave. He says to himself, like, I’ve killed so many people, done so much, what have I become? etc etc. Even though he is and always will be mentally scarred after everything, he basically comes full circle in the end. That, is classic character growth, development. It’s why FC3 is the best. I do believe, as I’ve mentioned before on this sub, that FC4 is pretty underrated and 3 does get a bit overrated but it’s still the best one.

  15. The reason is because Pagan is testing Ajay and his armies at the same time so basically he’s testing Ajay to see if he is tough enough to be the next leader Kyrat and it’s good to keep your armies sharp

  16. This is more or less confirmed when Pagan tells Ajay “But least now we know you have a taste for doing what it takes.”

  17. Far Cry 4 I think is pretty underrated. Yes FC 3 is and always will be the best but FC 4 is underrated. Amita and Sabal are the real villains.

  18. Idk, I liked FC4 better than FC3. The visuals and wildlife in FC4 is just so fking awesome and eye-catching for the entirety of your playthru.

  19. Imo, you take out Vaas, and is FC3 really as good? I believe it gets overhyped just due to him. FC4 deft has the setting, wildlife, vibe edge and the story is better and deeper to.

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