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  1. I wouldn’t give up but if you had any type of violent offense ie assault and battery or something like that may disqualify. Obviously I have no idea what your situation is

  2. Nothing like that. I’ve had driving on suspended license and driving without insurance with a missed court date.

  3. That could disqualify but it depends on the person processing it

  4. It's just processed garbage. No idea why anyone would pay 3x's as much for food that is no healthier than a Twinky.

  5. Honestly I think this sub and the vegan ones are cults/circle jerks.

  6. Using an actual physical map. Then trying to fold it again.

  7. I’m in Maine now and I highly recommend the gazette. Also, maps are like an accordion when folding

  8. You will find lots of parks have that problem. I worked at one that the super brought in admin officer to get rid of the entire admin division because we wouldn’t break regs or laws to suit his needs. She made our life hell. Once she was done he turned on her as well. Good news was someone did get written evidence on him and he had to retire or face criminal charges.

  9. Yeah I definitely try to understand the regulations. I know that there are much more than I have read at this point.

  10. My only advice would be to have something lined up before you leave. I know fees in the park is one of the hardest jobs because you actively deal with the anxius/obnoxious tourists day after day. If anything, you have tried it and maybe you have come to the conclusion that the position is not the best fit. Side note, I think most of the positions in the park service are underpaid so don't feel too bad if you leave for something better.

  11. I definitely will. If I leave I have a soft place to land that’s close atm.

  12. I could watch just about anything on our 3 channels (the 70's - 80's) except Mom didn't want me to watch The Dukes of Hazzard. Other than that, she didn't care, but I did have a bed time, so I was limited by that.

  13. Our middle school dealer dropped out in 8th grade after going to juvie for drugs. He now makes six figures installing / repairing cell towers.

  14. I'm sure that's one of the many reasons he gets paid so much.

  15. Righteous Gemstones is pretty hilarious with lots of action homages

  16. You said you're willing to drive so......there's a place called Eco Building Supplies with tons of surplus, reclaimed, and used building materials, especially doors and windows, for amazing prices. But it's in Springfield, MA. Could make an adventure out of it, and might find some unique, quality things.

  17. I just had to purchase two custom size interior doors and Hammond Lumber had the best price - for me at least.

  18. Isn’t this one of the “laws” of Jainism? To only eat fruited plants

  19. The tofu always had the texture of Fancy Feast. I could just not get over that.

  20. Gosh, I don't know. It's probably because it's what I feed my cat, and I have eyes to see. 🙄🙄

  21. I was born here, I’m 27. This city has grown a lot. You think downtown is dead now? Should of seen it ten years ago, literal ghost town after 5pm. The main problem is the sprawl compounded with some of the worst transit in the country. For those of you telling this person to leave, you’re not getting it are you.

  22. I’ve moved now (not too long ago) but I’m just old enough to remember that downtown had a little monorail that went to a shopping center on Harbor Island.

  23. That Tony's IQ was 136, it's been teshted. Yeah, the guy who writes "fowl language" and "I still have great riggard for you".

  24. My mom was with a man named Hakeem when I was in 4th -6th grade. He was an awesome dude. Really fun and kind to me and my mom. He was black and I was a little ginger boy lol He picked me up early from school when I was in elementary school for an appointment I guess but I was called into the school administrator office and they asked me if I knew “this man” aka Hakeem.

  25. Domesticated pigs like pink farm ones grow tusks, thick hair and become more aggressive after just a few months if they escape in the wild

  26. Men Behind the Sun. If you don’t what it is you might not want to even know

  27. My in-laws moved to Riverview in the early 80s to get out of Tampa and traffic which was not much at that point. Now they can’t even cross the street to walk the dog. They live in one of the few places that isn’t an hoa

  28. My brother moved there in 2010. I don’t think I’ve seen them stop building since.

  29. Just like how it was with Carmine it’s all about money and Ralph was a good earner

  30. He called me the Sheik of Iran or when Fin says Johnny Macaroni

  31. Have you seen Goodfellas? The end of the movie spells out why Chrissy made the choice he did.

  32. Steelworker records is a must. Daddy Kool records in St Pete is good too.

  33. I second this! Steelworkers is my favorite and is usually priced reasonably

  34. Certainly couldn't get it to directly to Bar Harbor, but a connecting Island Explorer station in Trenton would be awesome.

  35. Depends on how old the security camera is for one and it’s a video still

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