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  • By - JGPNZ

  1. OP just wanted to say I share the same/similar issue with you and one thing I noticed is we both have the same PSUs. Just wanted to add my anecdote cause I see people in this thread seems to be collecting examples. If you need specifics let me know

  2. You're complaining about her using her gun to break a fight from someone who attacked her from behind? Are you fucking kidding me?

  3. They are talking about the incident that preceded this event. The incident that is correct while the title of this post is false but as long as you got your morning, outrage out and got to yell at somebody, I guess it doesn’t matter what actually happened.

  4. The new ‘prop hunt’ game looks kinda janky

  5. I always think back to the PlayStation 2. The average person loved it because it could play DVDs at a time when DVD players were very expensive. It also seems like Sony sold them at a loss, but was able to make back the money in software. It doesn’t seem like modern tech is willing to do this. If a headset was affordable, I probably would have purchased one for a laugh. But at those prices, no way. Not for what is seen as a gimmick.

  6. I have to admit, I am highly interested in the steam deck, I just know nothing about it.

  7. I installed windows 11 on it last week and now it’s the best mini pc I have used. Playing diablo 4 on my break right now. Have my emulators on it.

  8. Too soon. No one knows. Learn to play on Friday, or the Friday after that. Like the rest of us.

  9. I kinda disagree, I am watching this vid atm and im learning a TON.

  10. I mean you telling somebody that they can just adapt their life to fit around an E bike is simply wrong. Maybe it works for your life but there are plenty of lifestyles that an E bike absolutely does not work for. That being said I hope you really enjoy your bike.

  11. My man Odablock recovering nicely 🦀

  12. Get a small tube of liver sausage. Rarely does liver sausage not work at my job.

  13. It is a bit silly arbitrarily locking out certain gear that makes content easier, sets a bad precedent and confuses new players

  14. Yup and you will notice the Rude, aggressive players in this post are all 2277's who live and breath this shit. It's actually cringe. I don't get why they don't just all start a private server and sit there stagnating like they clearly want.

  15. You can't use a bowfa or trident in BA either. Where's your rage post about that?

  16. "If you aren't fighting world hunger then how can you say you aren't racist"

  17. Serious question. What's bad about making BA easier using a high tier weapon, I'm confused?

  18. The BA " Community" is filled with multiple groups whos lifes purpose is to RWT the gold they get for boosting people their torso's, etc. Any threat to the methods that they use to get points faster is a threat to their monthly income.

  19. Unstable ping is even worse. My ping is usually 60-100 ms, but I've hit literally over 9000 once. I'm in rural Canada, and our internet is absolute garbage due to being a monopoly. I pay 130$/month for 50 mb down but only receive like 5-10 in reality. You can get used to bad stable ping, but when your ping is 33ms, 60, 103, 1001, 50, 33, 880 all in the span of a few seconds, you don't know when your click or prayer switches/flicks will register because the accuracy of your clicks is changing every few seconds.

  20. I think the real answer to that is because that is a lot of effort... politically I guess you could call it. In order to fix existing skills you need to fundamentally change them. Like, we know what a good mining/smithing rework can look like because we saw it work in rs3. But getting the OSRS community to get on board with fundamentally changing an existing skill at that level is frankly a huge task. More difficult than getting the community on board with just a new skill all together.

  21. I am hoping it will be an easier task if they do a good job with the new skill. If it impresses then people will be more open to larger scale revamps of other skills. I kinda get the feeling this is their intentions and thats why we are also getting forestry around the same time.

  22. Do a lot of people just play with that on? I've only ever used it for like blast furnace and such.

  23. I play with it on except it shows cc members/pets only

  24. Wow, if only ign had a tiny bit of integrity or merit.

  25. Portable usb c monitors are a thing

  26. Coolest looking staple remover I’ve ever seen

  27. idk, Ik it's tagged as humor, but this post is just super cringe.

  28. I remember back when PSN went down I was hurting to play COD so badly I purchased it on the WII. That was something else lol!

  29. I think they let you choose between 6 different titles. The titles although not the best were not bad titles at all.

  30. I seem to recall the games you got to choose from were all fairly popular at the time.

  31. I wanna just say, in regards to 'Make Good' options, just give us our membership back. I don't know what really needs to be discussed other than number of days given. Nothing else u can do.

  32. Just sucks that its somewhat unclear. It was the 0 mana cost spells that got me excited, it reminded me of a deck my friends dad used to play a long time ago. Ill still check out this set. I was pretty bummed out by the last set and stopped playing it right away. the rotation killed the decks I enjoyed, but I am playing a Naya creatures deck rn that's pretty groovy.

  33. You grinded golden tench for him? Seems like you got played, fool!

  34. I had an account get stolen and botted on, when I recovered it it had not been banned and had a fishing pet. I even tweeted at Jagex and asked if I needed to have anything removed and they said it was fine.! Thanks botter.

  35. I have a venenatis pet with 0kc because of this and they wiped my boss kcs

  36. I also hate the UNPOLLED anti-botting change that ONLY hurt real players. Jagex just fix your mistake, we will love you for it.

  37. Don’t buy a fixer-upper if you don’t have the energy to fix it up lol

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