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  1. Beef Stew dominating tonight. He a pickup again?

  2. What's up with the Pistons and changing their starting lineup every week now

  3. LeGM gonna manufacture the Russ/KD & LeBald/Kyrie reunion package 👀👀

  4. The Antonio Brown of the NBA

  5. Dude gets injured and misses significant time at least once or twice a season.

  6. Can only assume he's Timelord's dad

  7. I want to add Eason but worried he'll go back to irrelevance if Smith isn't out long, if at all, and KPJ/Green are back.

  8. Don't know, dude's making a case to keep playing to keep developing.

  9. People always say this when there's a streamer who is putting up big numbers while half the team is out. The main reason they're doing anything is because multiple high usage players/starters are hurt.

  10. Starting to get worried about Maxey...

  11. Oh my Killian Hayes... Goes from a quite productive starter to completely irrelevant in under a week. Sweet 👍

  12. So did Killian Hayes just straight up get benched or what's the deal there?

  13. That actually kind of sucks. I have more shares of Olynyk then I do of Kessler. True in IR.

  14. Sucks for only you it sounds like

  15. If Olynyk is not traded by the deadline, what are we thinking for Kessler realistically and not with hopium? I have him in pts league which he hasn't been as good as for CAT...

  16. There's already a circle jerk thread for Claxton at the top of the home page. Don't need another.

  17. Which means he's sitting for sure

  18. Whoever my opponents have on their roster on any given week.

  19. Turner exited with injury - drop McConnell for Ijax? Since Hali is back soon? Or drop kj Martin instead?

  20. Where do you see Turner is hurt?

  21. Kessler going back to being a fringe 12 team player at best

  22. We get nothing but fire from him every time he touches the court, and I figure most teams with him rostered are at or near tops in their leagues. He can take a day off.

  23. Everyone that has him paid up for him, it's not like they just got him for free. And the problem is he's taking a lot of days off recently.

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