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  1. Will I get eaten alive for saying I liked it with Dave. Love Kirk just liked the era with Dave more

  2. I seem to have blown my load on what was supposed to be a dry run and now I’m left with quite the mess on my hands

  3. If he didn't juice he coulda gotten like 600 sb and eaked out 500 hr's and been a healthier Mickey Mantle. In 98 before he started juicing juicing they were walking him with the bases loaded. He didn't need to do it, not like Sosa who went from good to 66 hr's. He didn't need too, he was already a hof 2 times over. And that's why it's so frustrating.

  4. djc8 says:

    Just fyi I asked a

  5. i got a mirror in my bathroom across from my toilet. sometimes i just sit and do weird faces and laugh at myself in the dark. then i remember that i should get going.

  6. That’s great… let’s just have him terrorize some more female coworkers

  7. As a 90’s kid, this is their Rolling Stones era to me. I can see them rocking out in the next 1-2 decades for sure.

  8. I feel like the quality over quantity. I fear that too much waters it down

  9. I don’t know. I’m honestly kind of annoyed with the two Batman thing. Batman deserves better

  10. I’m not sure. I count it. I think the band does in a way since 72 Seasons they’re saying is their 12th album.

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