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  1. Because LGBTQ+ people are normal people, we don’t need to celebrate their existence.

  2. What dream world are you living in where all of society considers LGBTQ+ normal? 2 out of every 5 trans people have been a victim of a hate crime in the last 12 months. Being LGBT is a criminal offence in dozens upon dozens of countries. Get back to reality.

  3. these comments are hilarious nobody gets it lmao

  4. I am with you - I am trying to decipher what this is saying - specifically no USA flag at all - where do we fit if in neither of these - honestly curious

  5. Hmmm I wonder why the USA flag wouldn't be included with all the other European countries?

  6. People are disgruntled over the state of the game, mainly Skill Based Match Making, kudos/the store, and the limited selection of levels that we have had this season.

  7. Bruh did they really put SBMM in a game where 98% of the players lose? And it's massively down to chance? Weird.

  8. "officer, I was simply being ironic when I solicited that child pornography! You don't understand!"

  9. Yessss I can finally listen to muckraker again!

  10. Holy smokes if they put this on streaming I'll cry

  11. Bro really said "damn that's crazy" to her name

  12. Hmm kinda doubt it, I mean it's not like they're gonna make some infinite looping album or anything

  13. From their live recordings, it sounds like they're gonna be some lame gimmick band, ugh 🙄

  14. Of course by "live recordings" I mean I happened to walk by this "stu" guys house while I was filming my daily vlog. If you listen closely you can here a very quiet F# which I assume is from the first time he's ever held an instrument.

  15. I fucking love grooving to Mycelium. Perfect song to shake your hips to.

  16. This is like the star wars/aladdin/xmen poster meme lol

  17. Eric will be crashing the show partway through. He already paid security to kick Gizz off the stage, and his setlist is just every drum part they wrote since he left.

  18. Well goddamn. Amby reaches new heights in that song

  19. His shouting at the frog breath part is definitely a contender for best Amby section

  20. Please hope we get glasgow or edinburgh

  21. Hopefully this means a Scotland date 🙏 (although they do usually say EU/UK and not just EU but here's to hoping lol)

  22. They shorten Europe to EU which already does include the UK so I think we can chalk it up to getting confused with the language

  23. UK people when they need to make a 3 hour drive 😭

  24. Hope you have a bad reddit anniversary!

  25. Reddit anniversaries are something I care deeply about

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